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• 16h

Merry X-Mas

Thought you Rainbow Six Siegers might like some action packed Christmas Fanart-(It’s a grenade not an ornament!!)
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• 2d

Is anyone losing a whole rank after losing a Ranked Match on R6:Siege?

I started at Silver I yesterday, but I have lost 4 matches since then, each accompanied by a HUGE loss in rank. I am now Bronze I and each win I get only increases my rank by small increments.
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• 3d

Fav attacker and defender to use ?

Attack would be IQ with the commando/ reflex/ and suppressor

For defense would be mira with her smg/ holo/ compensator/ v grip
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• 3d

What are these hats called!!!????

I’ve been wanting to make some cosplay. Please help!!
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• 4d

Glaz elite

When does glazes elite skin come out on ps4
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• 4d

xbox player

i wanted to know how to create a new profile on my xbox because my brother has been playing for awhile and is level 98. i just started playing and like it, but i suck. how can i make my own profile so i can start playing at a lower level. if anyone can help, im not trying to “smurf” i just am new and don’t know what i’m doing.
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• 5d

Kaid or Nomad

I want some personal opinions and explanations on which operator you like better, thanks.
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• 12/8/2018

How to play this game if any one know so please tell me

Did any one of u know how to play this game if any one of u know so please tell me
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• 12/6/2018
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• 12/5/2018

What level is everyone

Hey I was wondering this because most my friends are in the eighties
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• 12/5/2018
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• 12/3/2018

Hey mods could you help me

I read the guidelines and wanted to make sure this was not ok, am I allowed to make a team? I found something about this in the guidelines and I was confused. Thank you for your time.
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• 12/3/2018


For tachanka’s elite skin it should blare the Soviet Union national anthem.
And have a crown😇😂🤣🤩
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• 12/3/2018

For the discounted ops who should I try?

I was thinking yokai man uhh echo.. I think his name is
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• 12/3/2018

So I hit silver 1 yesterday after doing my 10 matches

And I noticed that ranked is more tactical than all the casual nonsense and I was wondering what do ya prefer casual or ranked?
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• 12/3/2018
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• 12/3/2018


I come from the far land of For Honor to say hi...

Just realized that R6 has a fandom and wanted to see how the peoples be doin over here

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• 12/3/2018

April 1st event

What would you think about an event for one day on April 1st where Ubisoft just completely breaks the game by making every operator insanely op? Like Maverick has a flamethrower, Caveira turns invisible, montagne has a shield that goes all around him, ash has 6 speed, stuff like that
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• 12/3/2018

Montagne or Blitz

  • Montagne
  • Blitz
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• 12/1/2018

What do you guys like better?

  • Rainbow Six (Book)
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
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