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"High powered, semi-automatic pistol with a small magazine and mounted low-power scope."
— In-game description

The .44 Mag Semi-Auto is a handgun featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege in the Operation Wind Bastion expansion pack. It is available for use by the GIGR Operators Nomad and Kaid.


The .44 AutoMag pistol is a semi-automatic pistol designed in the late 1960's by AutoMag Corporation and is chambered in .44 AMP.

In-game, designated as the .44 Mag Semi-Auto, this handgun is similar to the D-50 in terms of recoil and magazine capacity, but the damage output is only above-average. It is incapable of killing an Operator outright with body shots alone, only down them.

Unique to this pistol is the low-power scope, which is functionally similar to an ACOG Sight. This means that not only can the handgun be aimed with the same accuracy as other weapons equipped with an ACOG, it also possesses the fast ADS time of a handgun, meaning it has an ADS time that outpaces most guns.

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