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"Medium range carbine, 30 round magazine, medium penetration at optimal range, 690 rounds/min."
— In-game description

The 552 Commando is an assault rifle featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It is available for use by IQ.

Situations and Terrorist Hunt

In both game modes, the White Masks often wield this weapon in their numbers.


Packing a bigger punch than the AUG A2 in terms of damage, this assault rifle performs well at mid to long range engagements. Though like the 556xi and the L85A2, close-range engagements are difficult to do due to its mediocre rate of fire.

Weapon Attachments

Under Barrel


  • Just like the Vegas series, the rifle incorrectly feeds 30 rounds out of a modeled 20 round magazine based on the Magpul PMAG 20 AR/M4 GEN M3 magazine.
  • A real, uncustomized 552 Commando lacks the integrated Picatinny rails found on the in-game model.


Patch Changes

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