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The 552 Commando is a weapon featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas.


In the demo of the game, the player starts out with a 552 Commando equipped with an ACOG Scope as their second primary weapon. Some terrorists would wield a stock 552 Commando in the last part of the demo, so the player could refill on ammunition. The weapon behaved and looked almost exactly the same in the demo as it did in post-release.


The weapon is very powerful due to its high fire rate, damage and penetration. It is very good at close-to-medium range, but the damage drops off sharply at a distance.

The Reflex Scope and Laser Sight are recommended for this weapon since this weapon performs the best at close-to-medium range, though the default iron sights are clear and offer a lot of peripheral vision. There is no burst delay for this fire mod, though, so the weapon will shoot as fast as the trigger is pulled.

Story and Terrorist Hunt[]

The 552 Commando is unlocked by default in the Story Mode and Terrorist Hunt game modes. It appears as the standard issue assault rifle of Team Rainbow in the game. It is most notably seen being used by the main character Logan Keller. In its class, it deals the highest damage and penetration of all the assault rifles in-game.

One of the drawbacks of the weapon is that ammunition is not seen frequently in both game modes since it is not a weapon terrorists use often. Terrorists will only use this weapon in story mode in certain areas and will never actually use this rifle in the Terrorist Hunt game mode. Enemy terrorists will generally go down in 1-2 well-placed shots of the weapon, and the recoil is controllable.


The 552 Commando is unlocked upon reaching the Specialist rank in Multiplayer.

Weapon Attachments[]


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas Demo

  • The 552 Commando lacked the three round burst fire mode.
  • When mounting an optic onto the weapon, the rear sight still stayed unlike in post-release.
  • The sights for the weapon were positioned higher as well. You could not see the bottom of the front sight like you can in the post-release, but rather the character aimed down the middle of the wire sight.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas

  • The weapon is modeled with a 20 round magazine and incorrectly feeds 30 rounds out of the said magazine.
  • The first person model of the weapon has a flash hider, but the third person model lacks this.
  • The charging handle of the weapon incorrectly does not reciprocate when the player is firing it in third person view.
  • The fire selector is incorrectly locked on the safe setting and does not change when the player switches fire modes.
  • The bullets in the see-through magazine never actually disappear when you fire the weapon, and they actually appear to be painted on. If a player reloads the weapon from empty, they can still see the bullets on the side of the supposedly empty magazine.
  • When mounting an optic to the weapon, the rear sight completely disappears while the front sight post still stays, although the front sight itself is missing.