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The 552 Commando is a weapon featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Since Vegas 1 and 2 share the same models and engine, the weapon appears in the same configuration as its Vegas 1 counterpart.

Story and Terrorist Hunt[]

Much like Vegas 1, the 552 Commando is unlocked by default in the game. Once again, it is the standard issue assault rifle of Team Rainbow. The weapon behaves almost exactly the same as the last game, so its damage and penetration are the greatest compared to the other assault rifles, but its accuracy is below average. Sights for the weapon remain unchanged, so its iron sights are very good. Its sights offer a good sight picture and a lot of peripheral vision. The Reflex Scope, High-Capacity Mag, and Laser Sight are recommended for the weapon since the weapon performs the best at close to medium range. A player might want to avoid the ACOG Scope and 6X Scope for these reasons. Much like the last game, running around with the weapon is not recommended, since its accuracy becomes very poor when the player starts moving around with the weapon in hand.


The weapon is unlocked by default in the multiplayer since unlocks also still carry over to all three game modes. The weapon performs the same as the last game and is very popular among newer players to the game. A player might make this weapon their preferred assault rifle through multiplayer, because of its high damage and penetration.

Weapon Attachments[]


  • The weapon is modeled with a 20 round magazine and incorrectly feeds 30 rounds out of said magazine.
  • The first person model of the weapon has a flash hider, but the third person model lacks this.
  • The charging handle of the weapon incorrectly does not reciprocate when the player is firing it in third person view.
  • The fire selector is incorrectly locked on the safe setting and does not change when the player switches fire modes.
  • The bullets in the see-through magazine never actually disappear when the weapon is fired, and they actually appear to be painted on. If a player reloads the weapon from empty, they can still see the bullets on the side of the supposedly empty magazine.
  • When mounting an optic to the weapon, the rear sight completely disappears while the front sight post still stays, although the front sight itself is missing.




552 Commando - Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Gameplay of the 552 Commando