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"The 707th Special Mission Battalion was created to protect the 1988 Seoul Olympics. The "White Tigers", named for the revered legend, train in subzero temperatures, engaged in joint peacekeeping operations, maintain an all-female division, and neutralize threats to Korea. Their operators possess black belts in multiple martial arts."
Siege In-game description

The 707th Special Mission Battalion (Hangul: 제707특수임무대대, Hanja: 第707特殊任務大隊) is a special forces unit in the Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command. The unit was formed after the Munich massacre, which forced the South Korean government to create a counter-terrorist unit in time for the 1988 Olympics that would be held on South Korean soil. The unit has about 200 men and women organized in two companies, headquarters and support staff. The unit was reorganized, expanded, and renamed to 707th Special Mission Group (Hangul: 제707특수임무단, Hanja: 第707特殊任務大隊) in February 2019.

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