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"Standard issue 9mm hand gun. A CTU classic sidearm, effective from short to medium range with medium stopping power."
— In-game description

"Unique PRB92 equipped with a custom suppressor. High knock-down power in close-quarter, but is non-lethal."
— In-game description

The PRB92 along with its unique variant, the "Luison", is a weapon featured in the Operation Skull Rain expansion pack of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The PRB92 is available for use by the Operator Capitão and Nomad, while the "Luison" is exclusive to the Operator Caveira.


The PRB92 version works like any other normal pistol. Overall, the recoil is manageable and is decent in the damage department. It is intended to represent the Taurus PT92, a Brazilian copy of the Beretta 92.[1]

The "Luison", on the other hand, is Caveira's pistol that is equipped with a customized Suppressor and subsonic rounds. It is designed as a powerful close-range pistol. Described as being non-lethal, the "Luison" will always down Operators instead of killing them (unless they are the last Operator on the enemy team), allowing Caveira to enact her interrogation ability. However, firing at an Operator already in a DBNO state will kill them. The "Luison's" damage gradually drops off until twelve meters, and its recoil leaves something to be desired since the custom Suppressor already takes up the Barrel Attachment.

Weapon Attachments

Under Barrel


  • Kills with the "Luison" do not count towards any pistol challenges in the Weekly Challenge System, only gadget challenges.
  • Descriptions of the "Luison" cannot seem to agree as to whether or not it is loaded with a non-lethal round like rubber bullets or just regular lethal subsonic ammunition. Its tendency to DBNO enemy operators seems to imply it is using rubber ammunition, however the fact that it can kill a DBNO operator seems to indicate it is somewhat lethal.  While this is theoretically possible for rubber bullets to kill someone, it would certainly take more than one shot, and would not work at longer ranges.
  • The Luison's namesake (also called Luisõ or Lobison) is a monstrous creature in Guaraní mythology. The Guaraní are a cultural group located in South-Central America, including Brazil. It's a dog or werewolf-like creature said to have a similar function to the Grim Reaper.
  • While the PRB92 is supposed to stand in for the real Taurus PT92 used by BOPE, it has a round trigger guard and heel magazine release, both not present on any PT92. However, the PRB92's wider cocking serrations are featured on PT92s.

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