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"Provides a 2.5x magnification for long distance engagements."
— In-game description

The ACOG Sight is a weapon attachment featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It replaces the default iron sight, providing a 2.5x scope for players to view through. This allows players to easily aim at targets from a farther distance than all the other available sights, with the caveat that recoil becomes harder to control, and shooting at close-distance targets becomes harder. This attachment is extremely effective on semi-automatic weapons such as the Marksman rifles and slug shotguns. On most guns, the sight displays an arrow with gradings; the tip of the arrow pointing to the target being aimed at. The AK-12, 6P41, Spear .308 and both M249 variants have access to scopes of different design while retaining the 2.5x magnification.

In terms of distribution, the Defenders that can currently equip the ACOG Sight are Doc, RookEcho, Maestro, Kaid and Goyo, meaning the MP5, P90MP5SD, ALDA 5.56 and TCSG12 are the only Defender weapons that can equip it. On the other side, every non-shotgun primary weapon on attack can equip the ACOG sight, with the exception of the OTs-03 and the R4-C.

Primary Weapon Incompatibility

Incompatibility List
Assault Rifles
Submachine Guns
Marksman Rifles


  • The scopes that can be mounted on the AK-12, 6P41 and Spear .308 are erroneously dubbed as ACOG sights; the ACOG is specifically a series of Trijicon-manufactured scopes.
  • The default ACOG sight model is based on the Trijicon ACOG.
  • The scope used by Spetsnaz operators is based on the PK-AS.
    • The PK-AS is incorrectly shown as a telescopic sight in-game. In reality, it is a 1x holographic sight.
  • The scope on the M249 is based on the Steiner P4Xi 1-4x24.

Patch Changes

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