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The AK-47 is a weapon featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas.

Story and Terrorist Hunt[]

The AK-47 is not available by default in both Story Mode or Terrorist Hunt. The AK-47 appears as the standard issue terrorist rifle in-game. The AK-47 is unlocked by picking it up from a dead terrorist in the Story Mode. This won't be hard at all due to it being in the enemy arsenal in the very first mission of the game. The weapon performs extremely well in both modes, due to it being a powerful but inaccurate weapon. Sights for the weapon are good, but players may prefer an ACOG or 6X Scope. A Laser Sight could be recommended too, since this will slightly increase the accuracy of the weapon. Even though accuracy is slightly above average, the weapon is favored at long ranges. Ammunition for the weapon is very prevalent in both story mode and terrorist hunt, due to it being a prominent terrorist weapon.


The AK-47 is unlocked upon a player reaching the Master Sergeant rank in Multiplayer.

Weapon Attachments[]


  • The AK-47 is modeled uniquely after the original type 1 AK-47 that had a unique stamped receiver that is not present on the later variants of the rifle.
  • The AK-47 incorrectly shows the weapon loading the lesser curved 5.45x39mm magazines rather than the correct curved 7.62x39mm magazines.
  • The player character erroneously reloads an empty magazine into the AK-47.