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For the other AR-15 derivatives in Siege, see 416-C Carbine, C8-SFW, C7E and M4

"An AR-15 converted to a .50 caliber upper reciever. Its high caliber results in effective damage and incredible stopping power."
— In-game description

The AR-15.50 is a semi automatic home defense rifle (Often mistakenly called an assault rifle, despite the lack of automatic fire) featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege in the Operation Grim Sky expansion pack. It is available for use by Maverick.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The .50 Beowulf calibre used is a proprietary calibre designed by Bill Alexander of Alexander Arms. The round itself is intended to improve stopping power at short-to-medium ranges compared to the standard 5.56×45mm NATO. Alexander Arms manufactured upper receiver conversions for the AR-15 rifle platform to chamber the .50 Beowulf.

In-game, designated as the AR-15.50, this rifle is functionally a marksman rifle, having the ability to kill in two shots at its optimum distance.

Weapon Attachments[edit | edit source]

Under Barrel

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The AR-15.50 used to use quad-stacked Surefire Casket STANAG magazines as its magazine model, which would not be compatible with the .50 Beowulf round. Despite this, it still held 10 rounds, which is the proper capacity for a .50 Beowulf AR-15 if it were using standard-sized STANAG magazines. As of Operation Burnt Horizon, this error has been corrected with a more suitable STANAG magazine model.
  • In the Main Menu Interface for the Grim Sky season, Maverick is equipped with the AR-15.50, which itself is equipped with a Holographic Sight and a Vertical Grip.
  • Due to the rifle both lacking selective fire as well as firing a non-standard cartridge, it would be inaccurate to call it an assault rifle, or even a designated marksman rifle. A more accurate classification would simply be a semi-automatic rifle.

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