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"Auto, semi, and burst capable assault rifle used by SAS, best in medium range encounters."
— In-game description

The AR33 is an assault rifle featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It is available for use by Thatcher and Flores.


The AR33 is a decent, Jack-of-All-Trades primary weapon. However, its magazine capacity leaves something to be desired, as its rather underwhelming size of 25 rounds, plus the additional round in the chamber, are not particularly attractive qualities for a weapon. The recoil pattern is fairly manageable given its rate of fire.


  • Moderate fire rate
  • Manageable recoil
  • Versatile attachments
  • Somewhat fast reload


  • Low magazine size
  • Average damage

Weapon Attachments[]

Under Barrel

Learning Area[]

In the Heavily Fortified Situation, SAS Operator Thatcher is deployed and is equipped with an AR33 and a P226 Mk 25 as a sidearm. The rifle is equipped with an Scope 1.5x , a Flash Hider, and a Vertical Grip.



Weapon Skins[]

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  • In the Closed Alpha version of the game, the rifle was designated as the K33 NATO.
  • The name, AR33, is simply an abbreviation of Assault Rifle 33.
  • The AR33 in-game is modeled after the HK33A2 variant.
    • However, it has an S-E-F selector, meaning that the burst function would be impossible.
  • The rifle is modeled with a 30 round magazine and incorrectly feeds 25 rounds out of the said magazine.

Patch Changes[]