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Action Directe (AD) was a French far-left terrorist group which committed a series of assassinations and violent attacks in France between 1979 and 1987. Members of the organization appear in the Rainbow Six novel as well as its video game adaptation, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, albeit unnamed.


Action Directe was formed in 1977 by two other groups, GARI and NAPAP, as the "military-political co-ordination of the autonomous movement". In 1979, it was transformed into an "urban guerrilla organization" and carried out violent attacks under the banner of "anti-imperialism" and "proletarian defense". The group was banned by the French government in 1984. In August 1985, Action Directe allied itself with the German Red Army Faction. The group was dissolved on February 21, 1987 with the arrest of the organization's core members.

Members of Action Directe considered themselves libertarian communists who had formed an "urban guerrilla organization". During its existence, AD's members murdered 12 people, and wounded a further 26. It associated at various times with the Red Brigades (Italy), Red Army Faction (West Germany), Prima Linea (Italy), Armed Nuclei for Popular Autonomy (France), Communist Combatant Cells, Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions.

Known Members


  • The organization is not directly named during its appearance in Operation Ghost Dance which is based on the events of the novel.
  • The group also appears in the Tom Clancy novel, Patriot Games and is briefly mentioned in the novel's film adaptation. In the novel, Jack Ryan discovers a training camp used by the group which is later raided by French special forces.
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