Location Athens, Greece
Date September 1, 2008
19:30 Hours
Objective Hunt Down Terrorists
Defuse Bomb
Game Rainbow Six Black Arrow
Next mission Military Base
Previous mission Ruins
Agora is the eighth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.


While anti-terrorist teams were wiping out the remaining cells, the cell in Athens was warned of the forecoming. The leader attempted escape, but has been cut off before reaching the border of the country. However, before leaving, they planted a bomb in the marketplace of Athens, with the potential to kill thousands of foreign tourists. Your objective is to defuse that bomb before the leader gets itchy and decides to sacrifice himself for his cause.


Mission 8 Alpha

John Clark - With the success of the operation in Tunisia, we've started rolling up various cells all over Europe. Most of the cleanups have gone smoothly. Then, we have Athens.

Mission 8 Bravo

It looks like the cell leader in Athens was warned by one of the other cells. Greek authorities cut off his escape from the country, but they didn't wrap him up. That's where our problem starts.

Mission 8 Charlie

You're looking at the downtown Agora - a marketplace, tourist attraction, and general city center. Somewhere in here is a bomb big enough to take out the heart of Athens. We are talking thousands of casualties at a minimum, many of them foreign tourists. Your main objective is to find and defuse that bomb. Everything else is secondary.

Mission 8 Delta

The members of the Athens cell are spread out throughout the area, covering the approaches to the bomb itself. The cell leaders is most likely babysitting the bomb with his finger on the switch. You're going to need to move fast in case he gets jumpy and decides to go out in a blaze of glory.

Mission 8 Echo

This is your insertion point. You'll be moving in from the streets to the south, then heading into an open-air market space. Some of the buildings along your route may be open. Take advantage of them to get off the street and get some elevation.

Mission 8 Foxtrot

Here's a look at the Agora itself. It's crowded and confusing, which means it's a likely spot for an ambush,. Remember, these guys are professionals and they like to take advantage of the vertical. Keep an eye out for snipers above ground level as well. They'll be watching out for you.

Mission success

John Clark - There were no casualties reported in Athens. That's something to be proud of. We're interrogating the captive terrorists now, and at least one looks like he's ready to talk. We'll see what he's got to say, but I suspect it's going to be nothing we want to hear.