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Aim Lab is a free-to-play shooting simulation game developed and published by Statespace. Available on Steam, the game provides various training scenarios to help players build skills in first-person or third-person shooter games. On April 24, 2021, Ubisoft Entertainment announced the game had become the official training partner for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.[1]


With regards to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Aim Lab replicates the game's physics including player movements, and weapon recoil. Through several training scenarios, player can increase their reaction time and overall skill as well as develop various tactics to suit their playstyle. It features greybox versions of Oregon and Clubhouse as well as the R4-C and 416-C Carbine. More maps and weapons are set to be added at a later time.[2]


Aim Lab currently features five tasks for players to complete. Scores are calculated based on successfully shooting each target in an alotted amount of time. All challenges are repeated until the time runs out.

  • SiegeDetection Shot - Tests players ability to detect changes in an environment and react to them quickly. Transparent targets spawn around the player's field of view. The objective of the task is to detect and shoot each target before they disappear.
  • C4Arcs - Teaches players the timing and throwing trajectory of the Nitro Cell and tasks players with shooting them as they are thrown.
  • SiegeCapacity - Tests short-term memory retention. Colored targets will briefly spawn and then disappear after a few seconds. They will then return but will feature a target that has changed color. The player is tasked with determining what target has changed color and shooting it. Target arrangement will change after each successful attempt and will progressively increase in difficulty.
  • Audio Spatial - Teaches players to recognize audio ques around them and react accordingly. Four targets spawn around the player and one will emit a noise. The player must then quickly shoot the target making the noise.
  • SiegeEntry - Teaches players how to refine their engagmemts with enemy players with the least amount of exposure. Players must keep their aim reticle at the typical eye-level of an enemy player and are tasked with shooting various targets scattered throughout a map with the least amount of shots possible per target. Targets are located at common locations a real enemy player may be located.