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Alexis Flament is a character mentioned in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. He is the son of Rainbow Operator Olivier "Lion" Flament


Alexis was conceived sometime in 2003 to Olivier Flament and his girlfriend Claire. Not wanting to have the responsibilities of a father, Olivier unsuccessfully tried to convince Claire to abort the baby. This resulted in Claire ending their relationship and wanting nothing to do with him. After Oliver joined the French Army, he started to send Claire child support. Years later, Olivier expressed regret for his actions to his regiment's Catholic Chaplain, Bertrand, who then arranged a meeting between Olivier, Claire, and Alexis. It was at this time that Olivier discovered that Claire had become engaged and that Alexis was calling them 'daddy'. Determined to resolve his past mistakes, Olivier has managed to stay in his son's life. Despite this, the relationship has been awkward and Alexis does not yet consider Olivier to be his father.[1]


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