Algeria is the second mission in the PC version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown. Its console counterpart is Operation Sandstorm.


Onsite coordinator: Alistair Stanley
Intel investigating the theft of an illegally developed virus, Legion, form LMR Anderson. Largest weapons smuggler in Africa is Faisal Amidan. Amidan has an apartment in Malzir, Algeria. Raid apartment, locate and download all client list information.


Reports coming in from Pretoria revealed that during the confusion of the President's kidnapping, a group of unidentified terrorist attacked LNR Anderson, a South African nanotech research company. It appears LNR was illegally developing a bioweapon called Legion. It's an artificial virus engineered for aerosol dispersal that kills instantly but burns out in a matter of seconds. It looks as though LNR intended to sell the virus on the black market but the terrorists stole it first. Intel is working with the South African government to discover who now has Legion. But in the meantime, we have work to do. Bill Tawney, head of Intel, has some information about an Algerian gunrunner named Faisal Amidan. He run the largest weapons smuggling ring in Africa. Tawney says that Amidan's clientele includes terrorist organizations as well as various governments and wealthy individuals. Your orders are to raid his apartment in Malzir, Algeria and acquire his client list.

Chavez you'll be taking Price, Loiselle, and Raymond. Rainbow Five out.

- Alistair Stanley


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