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"He was a raven picking the bones of an old war and I’d be his shield until his children were ready to fly."
— Gutierrez describing his relationship with Gospic

Alvaro Gutierrez is the secondary antagonist of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield and the main antagonist of it's expansion, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Athena Sword.


Alvaro Gutierrez was a career politician in Argentina. In 2005, Gutierrez started his campaign to become the next Argentinean President. At some point, he was approached by Nikola Gospic. Gospic offered to finance Gutierrez's campaign in exchange for political protection to carry out his plans and that should he lose the election, Gospic would perform a coup d'é·ta. Gospic's plan involved buying South American oil fields across South America, then killing thousands of people across the continent in order to stop tourism and create an economic crisis. This would cause the price of oil to plummet and allow Gospic to finance a new international Fascist movement, which would then invade former Yugoslav territories to create a new "Greater Croatia" under neo-fascist rule. Gutierrez accepted the offer.

Over the next few years and at the direction of Gospic, Gutierrez was responsible for several terrorist attacks across the world. Rainbow soon connected Gospic to several terrorist attacks in 2006 and discovered that one of Gospic's companies had recently made a large donation to Gutierrez’s campaign. Rainbow also linked Gutierrez to the terrorist attack in Jura Canton, Switzerland late last year.

With no concrete evidence linking Gospic to Gutierrez, John Clark sent Rainbow to Buenos Aires, Argentina to bug Gutierrez's penthouse. Rainbow later learned that Gutierrez owned an import/export firm that was housing VX nerve agents in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It was also found that the firm had done regular business with many companies owned by Gospic.

On November 11th, 2006, the bug overheard Gutierrez make a phone call to Gospic. Gutierrez would supply Gospic with VX nerve agent who would then introduce it to the meat at his meat packing plants. The tainted meat would be distributed across the world and kill millions. Rainbow successfully secured Gospic's meat packing plant in Pilar, Argentina and stopped the dispersal of the nerve agent. With their plans foiled, Gospic and Gutierrez went into hiding.

On February 4th, 2007, Rainbow found a garage in Rio that held the parade float that Gospic was intending to use to distribute the nerve agent. Additionally, they found evidence that Gutierrez would be onsite and captured him. Through interrogation, Gutierrez revealed that Gospic had a float being prepared on a side street near the start of the parade route. He then stated once the parade started, Gospic would distribute the nerve agent by detonating an explosive. With Gutierrez's information, Rainbow was able to stop the float and neutralize Nikola Gospic.

John Clark interrogated Gutierrez one last time to resolve several unanswered questions. Gutierrez detailed Gospic's plans to destroy South America's economy and fund a new global fascist movement. He also stated that Gospic funded his campaign in exchange for political favors. Gutierrez then told Clark that none of it mattered now as Gospic was dead and he would be going to prison. Gutierrez would later be convicted of multiple counts of election fraud and his involvement with the Gospic's bioterrorism. He was subsequently locked in an Argentinian prison to serve an unknown amount of time.

Despite being imprisoned, Gutierrez still commanded a terrorist cell. Gutierrez ordered his men to purchase nerve agent from Italian businessman, Giovanni Bagattini. The agreement with Bagattini was for him to transport the chemical to Athens, Greece. The PSNP would then pay for it with the funds obtained from a raid in Milan, Italy. Despite this, Rainbow foiled the attack in Milan and later raided the warehouse where Bagattini was storing the chemicals in Palermo, Italy. Before the raid, however, Bagattini was able to deliver one barrel of the chemical to Gutierrez's associates in Athens. Gutierrez later referenced this by sending a cryptic message to Rainbow, promising of an upcoming surprise.

On August 11th, 2007, Gutierrez ordered his men to release the nerve agent Athens in a similar manner to the failed attack in Rio de Janeiro earlier that year. Rainbow managed to locate the nerve agent and prevented the chemical attack. The next day, Gutierrez learned from a newspaper that his plans had failed. He also found note on the last page with the message "It's over" signed by Clark. Two days later, Gutierrez was found by a prison guard to have hung himself.