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Andrew Burke is a British Rainbow operative.


Born in Manchester, England. Whereabouts of father unknown. Mother is a secretary at a plastics processing plant in Leeds. Three siblings, two brothers and a sister. Joined Royal Marines in 1986. Two tours of duty with British Special Air Service (SAS) , 1989-91 and 1996-1999. Awarded Military Cross, 1998. Has taken part in SAS actions in twenty-two countries on four continents. Further details of his service record are sealed. Unmarried. Burke is a seasoned veteran of numerous covert operations. While not reckless, he has a strong can-do attitude and unlimited confidence in his abilities. As a leader he is decisive and demanding. He has a quick sense of humor and is likely to keep his team relaxed by telling jokes before the start of a mission. While he has some contact with his immediate family, he considers the service to be his home.