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Annika Lofquist is a Swedish Rainbow operative.


Born in Göteborg, Sweden. Father was a retired admiral in the Swedish Navy, now deceased. Mother is a professor of Romance languages at Göteborg University and is active in Miljöpartiet de Gröna, the Swedish Green Party. Three brothers. The entire family sails avidly. Attended Stockholm University 1984-87, graduated with a B.S. in Physics. After a stint as an engineer with the Swedish semiconductor giant Microelektronik AB (1988-92), Lofquist joined the Stockholm police force as an expert on electronic surveillance. In 1994 she was recruited into Ordningspolisens Nationella Insatsstyrka (ONI), the national rescue unit of the Stockholm Police Department. From 1997 to 1999, she led ONI intelligence and surveillance teams in over a dozen different counter-terrorist actions, including the high-profile 1998 Red Cell occupation of the trading floor of the Stockholm futures exchange. Unmarried. Lofquist is an electronics genius. Her name is on 14 different patents held by Microelektronik, her old employer, and she continues to consult with their engineers while serving as a member of the RAINBOW team. Most of her innovations have been in the area of electronic eavesdropping. She is extremely confident and courageous, although at times her lack of military training can lead her to overestimate her ability to handle a situation. Off duty, she keeps to herself, living alone on a sailboat in Saltsjobaden outside Stockholm.


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