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Arkadi Novikov (Russian: Аркадий Новиков) is a former Rainbow operative that appears in several installments of the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Franchise.


Born in Minsk in what is now Belarus. Novikov is the son of a career army officer; his family is politically very well connected, and has made the transition from the USSR to the CIS very well indeed. Novikov enjoyed the finest education and living standard available, including an engineering degree from the University of Moscow. He spurned the regular army to take a prized field position in the enforcement arm of the KGB, only to find it disintegrating beneath him. When his co-workjoined the forming Russian Mafias, Novikov left the city to return to Minsk. In the late 1980s, he joined the Belarusian Ground Forces which offered him an opportunity to lead a counter-terroridm team of his own. A series of low profile but well-planned and executed missions brought him to the attention of Rainbow, which Novikov gladly joined.


In an alernate timeline, Novikov returned to Russia in 2004 to help reorganize Russian counter-terrorist teams in the aftermath of the tragedy at Beslan. By 2020, he had been promoted to the rank of Colonel and commanded the 13th Airborne Battalion of the Spetsnaz Guard Brigades.

Psychological Profile[]

Novikov combines the broad build of the Russian athlete with an incisive mind and stern leadership. He is capable of working much higher in the organization, but prefers field duty, even if it means taking more orders than he gives. Other team members feel comfortable with Novikov in charge, as his personal bravery combines with sharp planning to virtually guarantee success.


  • At 6'7" (201cm), Arkadi Novikov is the tallest known operator in Rainbow's history.