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Assignments is a playlist featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction that feature a series of limited-time gamemodes. It is unlocked at Development Milestone 13.


Assignments are challenging incursions that each feature unique sets of modifiers or objectives that will require skill and practice. It is recommended to use Operators that are at least level 8.

Unlike normal gameplay, MIA Rescue is not available. Despite this, any Operator downed in an Assignment may be rescued outside of the gamemode in Incursions.

Three gamemodes are currently available: Wall-To-Wall, Veteran Mode, and Kick The Anthill. Each is rotated with one another every seven days. Assignments are unavailable when a Crisis Event is active.



Combat mode for versatile Operators. In this assignment, REACT must stabilize the Parasite during an abnormal stress phase. To progress between Sub-Zones, Airlocks need to be unlocked using Security Stations.


  • ARCHAEAN ASSAULTS - Face numerous Archæan Assaults,
  • GROWING CHALLENGE - Archean Assaults grow stronger over time.
  • AREA LOCKDOWN - Airlocks are under lockdown, use Security Stations to activate Unlock Sequence.

Kick The Anthill[]

Kick The Anthill.jpeg

Assault mode for sharpshooters. In this assignment, REACT has barricaded territories overrun by Archæans and Aberrant Nests. Operators must clear them as efficiently as possible.


  • HIGH-DENSITY ZONES - Archæans are packed inside barricaded areas.
  • CLEAR AREA - Breach & Clear high-density zones as fast as possible.
  • ABERRANT NESTS - High-density zones are filled with overactive nests.

Veteran Mode[]

Veteran Mode.jpeg

Immersive mode for autonomous Operators. This assignment requires managing ammunition wisely to face Archæans without any backup.


  • FRIENDLY FIRE - Watch out for your teammates when firing.
  • MINIMALIST HUD - Dynamic HUD, limited icons and outlines.
  • TACTICAL RELOADING - Ammo remaining in magazines is wasted on reloading.