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Attack and Defend is a gamemode featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2.


Attack and Defend is a gamemode featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas. Teams are broken down into attacker and defenders. The objective of the modes are for the attacking team to escort the objective to the extraction point. The attacking team will be declared the winner should they accomplish this. Alternatively, the defending team will win the match if they keep the attackers at bay until the time runs out.

Vegas 2[]

Attack and Defend returns in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas. Like its past incarnation, the gamemode pits two teams against one another to fight over an objective. One team assaults the objective location while the other team defends. Attackers are declared the winner of a match after completing an objective. Defenders are declared the winners should they prevent the Attackers from completing objective before the time runs out.

The gamemode features three objective-- variants that alternate between matches:

  • Item Extraction - The Attackers must locate and recover intel by bringing it to an extraction point on the map.
  • Hostage Rescue - The Defenders must stop the attackers from locating and escorting hostages to the extraction point.
  • Demolition - The Defenders must plant a bomb in one of two bomb sites and prevent the other team from defusing it. Once armed, Defenders will be unable to pick up the bomb. If the bomb is defused, Attackers must carry the bomb back to their spawn point for extraction. Should an Attacker be killed while carrying the bomb, they will drop the bomb at their location. The game is over when The game is over when either the bomb is extracted by the attackers or the timer on the bomb runs out and is allowed to explode.