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Ayana Yacoby is an Israeli Rainbow operative.


Born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Father is a greengrocer, mother died when she was three. One younger brother, plays professional soccer for Beitar Jerusalem. Joined the regular Israeli army, 1992. Transferred to Sayeret Mat'kal in 1995, where she served in the general staff reconnaissance unit. Recruited in 1997 by the Mossad. Specialization in infiltration and intelligence gathering. Speaks fluent English and Arabic. Unmarried. Ayana is a master of the silent kill. Her training has prepared her for moving stealthily into hostile territory and neutralizing whatever threats may confront her. She is extremely intelligent with little tolerance for fools. The quintessential professional, she has been known to complain about the "cowboy attitude" of some of the other members of the team. Ruthless in combat, in non-military situations she may err on the side of excessive force.