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"Honor is not the only thing worth protecting... but sometimes it's all you have left."
— Azami

Kana "Azami" Fujiwara (Japanese: 藤原加奈, Fujiwara Kana)[1] is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Demon Veil expansion.


"敵が来たら容赦しない。(If an enemy comes, I'll show no mercy.)"
— Azami

Raised in Kyoto City, Fujiwara blurs the lines between the ultra-modern and the traditional. Boxed in by the rigid rules of her household, she found outlets for self-expression through fashion and physical combat. Her focus and determination allowed Fujiwara to progress quickly through the ranks of Aikido. This aptitude, as well as her dedicated study of languages, served her well when she moved to Tokyo to study at the Metropolitan Police Academy.

While working as a motorcycle officer Azami gained her 3rd Dan in Jujitsu and her 5th Dan in Aikido, earning her a spot in the Security Police division of the IMPD. It was at this time she became acquainted with Yumiko "Hibana" Imagawa. Fujiwara later fell out with her sensei after failing to achieve the serenity necessary to progress. After facing suspension due to multiple violent outbursts in the line of duty, she subsequently chose to join the private sector as a bodyguard. Fujiwara worked exclusively for Masayuki Yahata in Fukuoka as his personal bodyguard. The pair went on to become close which was uncharacteristic for Fujiwara's professionalism when it came to her job. In early 2022, Yahata and Fujiwara made a routine visit to a street market in search of fruit. Fujiwara protested the trip as they walked, reminding him that he could just have it delivered to him as well as the potential security threat it posed. Yahata brushed her comment off, stating that he would rather do it himself and that she should have more faith in the world, lest she miss out on what it had to offer. Fujiwara's assumptions proved correct, however, as several men disguised throughout the market started firing at them. Fujiwara pushed Yahata down behind a stand and dealt with the assassins. Unfortunately, a stray bullet fatally struck Yahata in the chest during the attack. With his dying breath, Yahata called out Fujiwara's name as she cried out in anguish.

Yahata's death had a profound effect on Fujiwara. She took on the name "Azami", refusing to use her real name again until she got revenge for Yahata and reclaimed her honor. She later broke into Hibana's home and asked for her help in finding those who were responsible for Yahata's death. Azami showed Hibana a bullet casing from one of the assassin's that had the letters "QCR" imprinted on it. Recognizing it as the acronym for Nighthaven's R&D division, Quantum Concepts and Robotics, Hibana agreed to help.

Azami and Hibana later returned to the site of Yahata's death. They met with Ryad "Jackal" Al-Hassar and Mike "Thatcher" Baker who surveyed the area. Jackal found two sets of footprints leaving the area and noted that one of the assailants was badly injured. All of them then followed the footprints to a nearby abandoned factory. After entering the building and cornering one of the assailants, Azami stood and locked eyes with him as the other three operatives remained behind cover. Hibana yelled for the assailant to drop his weapon but was ignored. Thatcher then threw an EMP grenade to disorient and detain the man. Azami approached him and demanded to know where they had gotten their weapons from. The assailant explained that they had received an encrypted message about assassinating Yahata but believed it was a joke until they had received a crate full of Nighthaven weapons, intel, and money. Jackal found the crate and the other injured assailant beside it. The man told Jackal that they had received another message once they returned to the factory telling them to stay put.

Moments later, a helicopter opened fire on them, killing the first assailant. Azami threw several Kiba barriers, enabling Jackal to pick up the injured assailant and allow all of them to run to safety. As they watched the helicopter leave, Hibana remarked that if they worked for Nighthaven, then they have just 'declared war' on Rainbow. Azami stated that it didn't matter who they worked for as everyone involved in Yahata's assassination would pay. This prompted Hibana to ask her to join Rainbow so that they could work together to find those responsible. Azami accepted the offer and Hibana subsequently vouched for her recruitment into Rainbow.

Psychological Report[]

There is a mystery hidden behind Specialist Kana 'Azami' Fujiwara's mask. Her demure charm can be disarming, making her the perfect companion for business and social meetings. However, when her employer is threatened, the 'mask comes off,' which leads me to believe I should be cautious in my attempts to peer behind it. […]

Fujiwara's responses to my inquiry into her family history were polite, and I daresay... rehearsed. I'm still trying to determine if her dedication to Bushido teachings was encouraged by, or in spite of, her relationship with her father. […] Fujiwara's profile is characterized by a high level of self control, independence, and extraversion. Her performance as a bodyguard shows that she can keep a cool head amidst chaotic situations and is unarguably someone you can trust with your life.

Her reaction to Yahata's death is uncharacteristic with her professionalism and does concern me. Fujiwara refuses to answer to her given name until she uncovers the truth surrounding the death of Masayuki Yahata. She's now claimed the name Azami, stating, 'Until I reclaim my honor, I am only vengeance,' serving as a continuous reminder of the debt she owes. His passing has moved beyond a vocational failing and into personal mourning. Uttering her name with his last breath, Yahata seems to have placed a burden on her. I can see her struggling to carry it. […]

Fujiwara's face lit up when we talked fashion, but I fear I may have insulted her when I suggested we go shopping at the mall. 'I don't shop, I curate.' Her wardrobe is obsessively meticulous, each item chosen for its form as well as its function. I will say her bold fashion sense distracts the eye while hiding a myriad of weapons, the most dangerous of all being her wrath. I think next time it would be safer to inquire about her poetry. […]

I've observed her in training. Though her movements are precise, her fluidity is disturbed by the unpredictability of her weaponized rage. Hibana vouches for Azami's ability and trustworthiness, but while she has earned my confidence, Fujiwara's methods require closer evaluation […]

- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Behaviorial Analysist


I received your report concerning Specialist Kana “Azami” Fujiwara. You’re aware of our history and I’ve briefed you on her skills. It’s still important that I get your impressions. I agree, her discipline is to be admired – She’s focused, and sometimes unpredictable. From your comments it seems you weren’t immune to her charm. I did warn you she could be disarming.

I’m happy she’s retained her calm in training. It’s quite the experience being her sparring partner, isn’t it? I’ve never been so politely dumped on my back, or so often. She focuses mainly on the 9×19VSN during target practice, but have you had a chance to handle the ACS12? At least she can patch any holes she makes in the walls. I’m impressed with her precision with the 9x, but she does pack a punch with the D-50.

Honor is important to Kana, trust and truth go hand in hand with that. I don’t doubt her professionalism or her ability to work with anyone. Tokyo does seem a lifetime away and study sessions at the TMPD even farther, but I haven’t noticed a significant change from the Kana I once knew. Don’t be discouraged, she’s always been guarded, but that’s the nature of her work.

I know it’s not easy for you to let someone into your workshop, let alone redesign one of your toys. Azami’s suggestion of the Kiba casing did resolve that dispersion issue you were having; I won’t ask what you put in the compounds. The Kiba Barrier was useful against Buck and Sledge in training exercises, so I expect it will serve us well to foil anyone who tries a similar vertical assault. The Barrier is unable to withstand explosive and incendiary devices. However, its expansion can be used to destroy them before activation - I’ve tested them against my pellets myself. It’s not invulnerable but it is valuable, especially as a bulletproof barrier.

As to the last I’ll leave that up to you. You’ve seen for yourself how Kana utilizes ornamentation as a weapon. If anyone knows what weak points to exploit and protect, it’s her. If you do allow her to contribute to the design of our gear, I don’t doubt we’ll be the best dressed unit.

I hope this collaboration continues and is applied within the rest of the team. Keep up the good work, and just in case – continue to keep an eye on Kana."

- Yumiko “Hibana” Imagawa

Gameplay Description[]

Azami Ability Icon

Azami's Unique Gadget is the Kiba Barrier, a set of kunai-style throwing knives which transform into barriers. When thrown onto a surface, the knives release a foam which expands and hardens into a barrier. As well as creating defensive cover for Defenders, Kiba Barriers can also block off entrances and breach holes, taking away advantages for the Attackers.


Kiba Barriers can be used alongside Mira's Black Mirrors on an unreinforced wall to protect the user's body while he's surveilling the area.


Kiba Barriers can be destroyed by any explosive device, such as Ash's Breaching Rounds, Kali's LV Lances, Flores's RCE-RATERO Drone, and Zofia's Impact Grenades.

Kiba Barriers can also be destroyed by melee attacks : 3 direct hits will break one barrier. Sledge's Breaching Hammer will break it in one hit.

As of Y9S1, Kiba barries can now be damaged by gunfire. The caliber affects how fast does it break. A link to the official Ubisoft update page showcasing the latest damage table can be found here: Y9S1.3 Designers Notes

Device Description[]

The Kiba Barrier is a modified kunai that sticks to a surface after it's thrown and releases a material that first expands then solidifies, creating a bulletproof barrier to patch up those holes in your defense.

Device Evaluation[]

Device: Kiba Barrier
Operator: Specialist Kana "Azami" Fujiwara
Evaluation Lead: Dr. Elena "Mira" Álvarez, Director of R&D

This sticky canister has been long overdue for a redesign. Collaborating with Azami on the updated version reminded me of why it was created in the first place. Sure, we have sturdier shields, but for mobility and versatility in a protective device? You can't get better than the Kiba Barrier.

I had my doubts about weaponizing the casing, but Azami was persuasive. While deployment saves essential time, activating the wrist sheath requires precision. Mastering the maneuver requires paying close attention to your fingers. That is, if you're interested in keeping them. Compound L-7 and Solution K-13 remain under development, so l've been spending most of my time ensuring the phase transition from a gaseous to a solid state is stable. The resulting substance is bulletproof and can be deployed on almost any surface, providing quick cover when you need it. Though not blast resistant, the barrier can withstand limited melee assault.

With its ability to quickly repair holes in walls and floors, the Kiba Barrier provides enough time to reach cover and assess the battlefield. I can't think of anything more appropriate for Azami than a device that literally pulls a shield from thin air. Quick thinking and creativity are your greatest allies when utilizing the Kiba Barrier.

- Dr. Elena "Mira" Alvarez, Director of R&D


Azami's Quotes
- Deploying Kiba Barrier
  • “That’ll hold. Kiba Set.”
  • "Were protected. Kiba Set"
  • "Kiba set. We have some time."
  • "i wont make it easy for them"
  • "Try to get through that."
  • "Kiba sitting pretty!"
  • "Kiba barrier up!"
  • "As designed. Kiba set!"


  • Azami is the Japanese name for the thistle, a group of flowering plants known for their sharp prickles.
  • Kiba is the Japanese word for "fang" or "tusk".
  • Concepts for Azami were taken from the cut Operator Patcher and Flubber.
  • Azami is one of three operators who have a special melee weapon along with Aruni and Zero
  • If Azami holds her Kunai idly for a few seconds, she will fidget with it, spinning it around her hand and tossing it into the air.



Concept Art[]