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"Top break, over-under double-barrel shotgun. Long-range and in tactical configuration."
— In-game description

The BOSG.12.2 is a shotgun featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It was introduced in the Operation White Noise expansion and is available for use by both 707th SMB Operators.[1]


Unlike other shotguns, the BOSG.12.2 fires a single slug instead of a spread of individual pellets, giving it a much longer range and higher damage with a single shell. Also unlike other shotguns, headshots are enabled for the BOSG.12.2.

The high damage output of the BOSG.12.2 makes it possible to kill or take down a light or medium-armored enemy with one single shot at close range. It is possible to fire two shots in quick succession with the BOSG.12.2 to take care of more heavily-armored enemies, but the high recoil demands a quick downward "whip" to compensate.

The BOSG.12.2 has high destructive capabilities, being able to destroy unreinforced hatches with a few shots; the actual damage potential depends on the number of hatch "beams" the slug goes through, so a flat angle minimizes the number of shots needed. The BOSG.12.2 can also destroy the wooden "beams" in double-layered walls if aimed at them.

Weapon AttachmentsEdit

Under Barrel



BOSG.12.2 A real game changer! - Rainbow Six Siege


  • Kills with the BOSG.12.2 do not count towards any shotgun challenges in the Weekly Challenge System, only rifle challenges.
  • At one point on the Technical Test Server, the BOSG.12.2 was able to create holes on the windows on Presidential Plane. However, this was removed for unknown reasons.


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