Back Alley
Back Alley
Location Pavia, Italy
Date July 12, 2008
17:36 Hours
Objective Neutralize Terrorists
Eliminate Colonel Magomedov
Game Rainbow Six Black Arrow
Next mission Streets of Milan
Previous mission Hotel
Back Alleys is the third mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.


Supposedly, a high risk colonel has been spotted in Italy. While under surveillance, he attempted to kidnap a telemetry satellite expert who was working on a special secret European project. The scientist managed to flee before being captured by the terrorists. The Polizia responded, but have only barricaded the area off due to enemy hostiles. Your duty is to infiltrate the area, take out the Colonel's men, and ensure that all hostiles are eliminated.


Mission 3 Alpha

John Clark - Take a close look, people. This is Colonel Shamil Magomedov. He used to command a Dagestani rebel militia funded out of Chechnya, but lately he's been broadening his horizons, he's been linked to the terrorists who hit the hotel in Cannes, and to the group responsible for the chemical plant operation a while back.

Mission 3 Bravo

Colonel Magomedov was sighted in Pavia three days ago. That was enough to put the Polizia di Stato Italiana on high alert, and that was a good thing. Early this morning the Colonel tried to kidnap this man, Dr. Vincente Larocca. He's a telemetry scientist working on the EU's satellite launch program, and not your usual terrorist target.

Mission 3 Charlie

Fortunately, Dr. Larocca is also pretty fast on his feet. He evaded the kidnappers, who then escaped into this section of back alleys and streets near his office. The Polizia responded quickly and barricaded the area off. There's been no change since they arrived.

Mission 3 Delta

That leaves the terrorists still in there and packing some serious firepower. Since Colonel Magomedov is running this operation personally, his people are armed with top of the line equipment. You're going to want to hit ground before they have a chance to barricade themselves further.

Mission 3 Echo

Our last known position for Magomedov was this house, here. We don't think he's there any more, but it's a good starting point. Remember, your primary objective is to take him down, and his men with him. Don't worry about taking prisoners on this one.

Mission 3 Foxtrot

This is from the feed from a local warehouse's security camera. It gives you a good idea of what you'll be up against. Note the tight alleyways, with lots of obstruction. This is going to be station to station fighting, people. Rush and you'll get yourself killed. Stay on your toes, people, and good luck. On this one you might need it.

Mission success

John Clark - You have formal thanks coming from both Dr. Larocca and the Italian Government. They've rounded up the survivors and will be transferring them to prison in a heavily armed police convoy. That should take care of that issue. We've got several tangos brought into custody, so it will be interesting to hear what they have to say.