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"I used to be undercover. I did time. I had to deal drugs. I even had to kill. And I was so good at it that, it got me a promotion."
— Bandit

Dominic "Bandit" Brunsmeier is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mobile.


"You look like scheiße today."
— Bandit

Dominic Brunsmeier and his twin brother Cedrick were born in Berlin, East Germany. Both were raised in a working class district near the Berlin Wall. Their father worked in the police force and strongly encouraged them to join. In 1992, the day after their eighteenth birthday, both brothers joined the Bundesgrenzschutz (BGS). Stationed with border patrol, Brunsmeier spent his first year getting accustomed to taking orders and filing paperwork. Brunsmeier excelled in crisis situations. He transferred to the Aviation Group long enough to obtain his helicopter license but his adaptability and experience with border surveillance flagged him for undercover operations.

In 1994, he was assigned to a joint task force aimed at quelling the growing threat of the Red Army Faction (RAF). In 2006 he was recruited by the GSG-9 to go undercover, where he would spend four years embedded with the Hannover Chapter of the Hells Angels. In both operations Brunsmeier's contribution was critical in seeing key members arrested and providing valuable information. While undercover, Brunsmeier honed skills in guerrilla tactics and improvised explosive devices. He developed prototypes of his electrified barricade and deployable shield.[1]

Brunsmeier was later recruited into Rainbow in 2015 and participated in various operations against the White Masks terrorist organization. Following Rainbow's reorganization in 2022, he was added to the unit's new humanitarian squad, Wolfguard.

Psychological Profile[]

A prankster, Brunsmeier honors and humiliates his brother's memory each time he deploys the Crude Electrical Device (CED), the weapon responsible for Cedrick's early retirement from the BGS. Resourceful and adaptive, Brunsmeier relies on his cunning for survival.[2]

Psychological Report[]

I wouldn't expect an operator who worked undercover for years amongst dangerous biker gangs and militants to be anything less than clever and adaptive. And in re-reading Specialist Dominic "Bandit" Brunsmeier's file I'm struck by just how resourceful he had to be. It's clear he had to be creative and strategic to stay alive. Frankly then, I was surprised by his sense of humor. It must've sustained him through his undercover operations. That said, he can have a cold intensity. Nothing reminds me that I'm a soft civilian more than looking into Brunsmeier's eyes. […]

Brunsmeier certainly speaks fondly of his brother. He enjoys being an uncle to his brother's kids - how they're the only ones who let him be as silly as he'd like. He told me about their childhood in the shadow of the Berlin Wall. How sometimes they'd hear a BOOM from something triggering a land mine. And how they couldn't resist pranking the patrol guards with some twin antics. […]

I didn't want to ask about the undercover work directly. It wasn't until our most recent meeting when he volunteered some information. Brunsmeier described the challenge of remember the real "you" when immersed in another persona. The question: "Who are you?" would creep into his sleep. If he dared to form an answer, he knew he was as good as dead. Even considering the question was dangerous. So he would push it away. We discussed details of what he had to do to ensure his cover wasn't blown, the source of some fantastic rumors circulating about him. Smiling, he assured me they're only half true. I don't want to break his confidence here. I merely need to assess if it has any lasting impact on him and the Rainbow team. […] The most I can offer at this time is that the team works well together. […]

It's critical that Brunsmeier doesn't close himself off. Training scenarios alongside operators such as Specialists Miles "Castle" Campbell, Emmanuelle "Twitch" Pichon, or Elias "Blitz" Kotz could help. These operators have calming attributes that may temper Brunsmeier's inner demons.

- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Gameplay Description[]

A Light Health Operator, Bandit's unique gadgets are four Crude Electrical Devices, a.k.a. Shock Wires. These devices send an electric charge through metallic gadgets and will damage those who come in contact.

  • Bandit can connect his Shock Wires to all metallic gadgets, which include Barbed Wire, Reinforced Walls, and Deployable Shields.
    • The Shock Wire takes 2 seconds to deploy. (Enough to destroy Thermite's Exothermic Charge and other hard beaching gadgets).
    • Bandit deploys the Shock Wire on the ground next to the metallic gadget.
    • One Shock Wire can only shock one metallic gadget; adjacent metallic gadgets will not be affected, no matter how close they are to the Shock Wire.
    • The same metallic gadget can be shocked by multiple Shock Wires, but this will not stack its effects.
    • The Shock Wire is an electronic gadget, and can thus be:
      • Detected by IQ's Electronics Detector
      • Disabled by Thatcher's EMP Grenades
      • Destroyed by darts fired by Twitch's Shock Drones
      • Destroyed by Kali's LV Lances
      • Destroyed by Zero's ARGUS Cameras
      • Destroyed by Flores' RCE-RATERO Drones
  • An electrified gadget is visually identifiable by the small electric arcs being emanated off of the surface of the gadget.
  • With a few exceptions, shocked objects destroy all electronic gadgets they come in contact with, regardless if they're friendly or enemy gadgets.
  • Attacker Electronic Gadgets that can be destroyed by shocked objects:
  • Attackers touching a shocked object will take 3 damage roughly every third of a second (9 damage per second). Attackers will have their vision distorted and shout out as cues that they are being shocked. Defenders receive no damage in any way if they have direct contact with electrified objects.
  • Vaulting over an electrified Deployable Shield is considered as touching, thus the Attacking Operator will suffer damage.


  • "Bandit Tricking": Using sound cues, place down Bandit's Shock Wires after a hard breach gadget has been deployed. By doing this, Operators such as Thatcher and Kali will not be able to effectively clear out electricity, making the job of a Hard Breacher much harder.


  • Mute's Signal Disruptors work hand-in-hand with Bandit's Shock Wires in stopping or destroying Attacking gadgets during the game, especially against Drones during and after the Preparation Phase or Breach Charges during the Action Phase.
  • Attackers caught in one of Frost's Welcome Mats can also be killed by an electrified Barbed Wire if it was over the gadget.
  • Mira can safely place her Black Mirrors on electrified Reinforced Walls, potentially protecting her from hard breaching Attacker devices.


  • As it is still an electronic gadget, the Shock Wire is susceptible to the same disadvantages as other gadgets of its type.
  • Thatcher's EMP Grenades will disable any Shock Wire within their explosive radius for 10 seconds.
  • Twitch is able to destroy the Shock Wires with her Shock Drone. However, if it comes into contact with a Shock Wire, the Drone will be destroyed instantly.
  • The Shock Wires will show up on IQ's Electronics Scanner.
  • Maverick's Breaching Torch can cut through Reinforced Walls, regardless whether or not it is electrified by a Shock Wire. As Shock Wires are required to be within close proximity of the Wall to work, they are especially vulnerable if the Breaching Torch cuts at the bottom.
  • Due to the gadget having a very small setup effect, most Attackers would reason that the Shock Wires must be close to the source being electrified.
  • Kali's LV Lances can destroy Shock Wires even through Reinforced Walls.
  • Zero's Argus Camera lasers can destroy Shock Wires if deployed correctly.
  • Flores' RCE-RATERO Drones allows him to destroy Shock Wires and prevent Bandit Tricking from safety.
  • Brava's Kludge Drone will cause the shock wire to overheat and be destroyed instead of taking control of them, but will still be destroyed if contacting an electrified surface.

Device Description[]

"Sets high-tension Shock wire on metallic gadgets, dealing damage to enemies."
— CED-1 (Crude Electrical Device) Description

The CED-1 is the result of Brunsmeier's resourceful nature. The device was first created when he was cornered in an abandoned auto shop outside of Frankfurt. Using what was available to him, Brunsmeier fashioned a crude electrical device and was able to secure his defenses by electrifying a metallic door and shocking his assailants as they attempted to breach his stronghold. The device, though relatively low-tech, has followed Brunsmeier from GSG 9 to Team Rainbow, due to its consistent and effective performance in the field.

Device Evaluation[]

Device: CED-1 Crude Electrical Device "Shock Wires"
Operator: Specialist Dominic "Bandit" Brunsmeier
Evaluation Lead: Specialist Jack "Pulse" Estrada

Bandit Shock Wire

Given that the CED-1 Crude Electrical Device "Shock Wire" is a fairly straightforward tool in Specialist Dominic Brunsmeier's arsenal, he was surprised when I told him it was scheduled for evaluation. Bandit's more of a grease monkey and so he seemed out of place at first in the test facility. (Note: Need more lab coats in size Large. I'm not letting him wear mine again. I don't know what the hell he spilled on it, but I recommend it be incinerated).

So far we've collected a solid amount of data. The fun part was running a series of mods to maximize its capabilities and naturally Bandit has his own methodology and tricks up his sleeve. In my opinion, if we want any future modifications the best bang for our buck is to explore battery configuration. Bandit is in the "if it ain't broke" camp, so it's going to take some convincing. Let's tag it as "in progress."

- Pulse


Bandit's Quotes
  • "Survival is all about timing. Nature doesn't give second chances."
  • "Brave, smart, or lucky - you will still die."
  • "Don't be an idiot."
  • "Enough talk, get to work."
  • "It's not time to lose focus."
  • "Keep quiet and do your jobs."
  • "Remember, nothing is ever really dead."
  • "Today we are a team, tomorrow - who knows."
  • "You look like scheiße today."
  • "You're all very unbalanced individuals."
  • "Your gear come with that polish?"
Placing down Shock Wire
  • "Device activated!"
  • "Device in position!"
  • "Device positioned!"
  • "Device placed!"
  • "Device set!"
  • "Fortified floor!"
  • "Fortified wall!"
  • "Wall secured!"
  • "Boarded window!"
Using Barbed Wire
  • "Barbed Wire set!"
Setting Nitro Cell
  • "Nitro!"
  • "Nitro deployed!"
  • "I'm out!"
  • "Mag change!"
  • "Mag's empty!"
  • "Reloading mag!"
  • "I'll help you."
  • "Stay calm, I'll fix you."
Friendly Fire
  • "Cease fire!"
Scanning Enemies
  • "Hostiles found!"
White Masks Reloading
  • "Enemy reload!"
  • "Fire now!"
Elite Skin
  • "You want it to look real? I’ve got some bad news for you."
  • "Intel is your primary method of engagement. Neglect it at your peril."
  • "Standing out or fitting in, you must always be in control."
  • "Remember where you are. You get comfortable, you’re a dead man."
  • "On the job, you don’t lead. You follow. And you pray. Belief has nothing to do with it."
  • "You’re always being watched. Sometimes it’s just more obvious."
  • "We have a word for situations like this. Simply, ‘weltschmerz’.

Interview Transcript[]

Transcript dated 12/7. Edited for clarity.

Harry: How are your nightmares progressing?

Dominic: I don’t have nightmares. I never did. My dreams are more like overactive situational awareness.

Harry: Can you elaborate?

Dominic: In my dreams, I can remember every detail of every room, who was there and what they talked about. Always, I know I have to maintain control of the situation or risk… erasure.

Harry: That sounds like a nightmare to me.

Dominic: Then I recommend yoga, Doctor. I’ve been told that it helps.

Transcript ends.


  • In the Closed Beta of the game, Bandit had an overall 52.3% win rating as a defender.
  • Bandit is fluent in German, English, Polish, and Turkish.
  • In the Rainbow Six Siege Intro Video, an unnamed, maskless GSG 9 bearded male Operator can be seen as part of a profile dossier. This unnamed operator has been speculated to be Bandit, as the years 2006 and 2010 are marked as notable years on the Operator's dossier. These correspond to dates in Bandit's own bio, where he went undercover in 2006 and departed from his undercover duties in 2010. In addition, after the year 2010, the word "Exits" can be seen, possibly referencing the year Bandit departed from his undercover duties.
  • Bandit's date of birth was originally stated in-game as 1974, however this has since been removed.
  • The CED-1 was added into XDefiant for the GSK faction under the name "Shock Wire" in Season 1.


Concept Art[]



Elite Skin[]


Patch Changes[]


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