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"An iconic encounter for LA SWAT forces, this map depicts an assault on a major bank.The focus is on providing a sense of progression for attackers as they make their way through progressively more fortified areas of the building."
— Ubisoft Description

Bank is a map set to be featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, taking place within Los Angeles, USA.

A larger map set in downtown Los Angeles, it is a fortified structure that will require coordination to breach, and just as much teamwork to defend.

  • 4 Attacker spawning locations
    • Boulevard
    • Sewer Access
    • APC Area
    • Back Alley
  • 4 Defender objective locations
    • Plant Bomb
      • Executive Lounge and CEO Office
      • Staff Room and Open Area
      • Teller’s Office and Open Area
      • Lockers and CCTV Room
    • Secure Area
      • CEO Office
      • Archives
      • Open Area
      • Lockers
    • Rescue Hostage
      • CEO Office
      • Teller’s Office
      • Staff Room
      • Vault
  • 9 Trap doors

Map Callouts for Bank:

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