"Razor wire that slows down attackers."
— In-game description

Barbed Wire is a gadget featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It can be equipped as a piece of starting equipment by many Defenders as an alternative of other equipment, such as the Deployable Shield or Nitro Cell.

Gameplay Description

The main feature of Barbed Wire is to slow the movement of any Attackers and Drones that enter it. On top of that, when enemies do enter Barbed Wire, they create rustling sounds which Defenders can take advantage of. They are best used at choke points and around the Hostage during the Hostage gamemode.

  • When deployed, the Barbed Wire will cover an area. The deployment of this area will be close to the Operator's feet, in the direction of where their crosshair points to. For example, the Barbed Wire deploys further away from the Operator when looking forward than when looking at one's own feet.
  • The Barbed Wire will cover a 1.25-meter radius of ground from its center. This is large enough to cover the ground of any door/entryway.
  • Barbed Wire does not go through walls and obstacles. So, if placed against such surfaces, the effective area of Barbed Wire will be reduced.
  • Overlapping Barbed Wires do not increase their effects.
  • The Barbed Wire will slow an Attacker by 50% while preventing them from sprinting while in it.
  • Attackers' view when moving through the Barbed Wire will vibrate slightly, though this does not affect their weapon performance.
  • Defenders will are unaffected by Barbed Wires.
  • When entering the Barbed Wire, rustling sounds will be made, giving an audio cue for nearby Defenders to take advantage of. However, take note that both Defenders and Attackers will make this rustling sound when entering Barbed Wire, so be wary of who is in it.
  • Drones will also be slowed while in Barbed Wire.
  • Barbed Wires are invulnerable to bullets, but can be destroyed by explosions and melee attacks.
  • It takes two melee strikes from Attackers to destroy a Barbed Wire.
  • Sledge can destroy Barbed Wire with one strike of his Breaching Hammer.
  • Maverick can break Barbed Wire with his Breaching Torch.
  • Kaid and Bandit's gadgets can electrify the Barbed Wire, electrocuting any Attackers and destroying any electronic equipment from either side that move through it.

Patch Changes

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