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"Team Rainbow has been called to assist local law enforcement and regain control of Bartlett University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This map offers an asymmetric layout with breathing room between hot zones. Navigate the facilities' barricades and blast through the brick walls that have protected the leaders of tomorrow."
— Ubisoft Description[1]

Bartlett U., also known as Bartlett University, is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

The map was only available in Situations. It was later reworked and added to the Quick Match map rotation during Operation Red Crow. The reworked version of the map is currently only available in the Custom Game and training grounds/terrorist hunt playlists.

Article 5[]

Following a bioterrorist attack by the White Masks on the University, Six has sent in Team Rainbow to eliminate the threat and disarm a pair of bombs planted somewhere in the building complex.

Unlike all other situations, Article 5 groups the player with four others in a gamemode similar to Disarm Bomb in Terrorist Hunt. Due to the bioterrorist attack, the entire map is covered in a dense cloud of toxic yellow smoke, forcing all Operators to wear MOPP Gear for the Operation. Bombers also wield the 6P41 in Article 5.

This situation is only playable on Normal, and cannot be played without matchmaking. It is possible to join an Article 5 match by Terrorist Hunt regardless of the difficulty requested or whether other preceding situations are done.


The redesigned map removes all the gas and PvE elements from the original design and introduces better destruction, improved visual layout for better orientation, and a new two-layer destruction.


  • 3 Attacker Spawn Locations
    • Festival
    • Main Gate
    • Courtyard
  • Bomb
    • 2F Trophy Room & 2F Rowing Museum
    • 2F Classroom & 2F Upper Library
    • 1F Kitchen & 1F Piano Lounge
    • 1F Reading Room & 1F Lower Library
  • Secure Area
    • 2F Model Hall
    • 2F Classroom
    • 1F Lounge
    • 1F Lower Library
  • Hostage
    • 2F Trophy Room
    • 2F Main Office
    • 1F Kitchen
    • 1F Lower Library
  • 7 Hatches
    • Ext Roof - 2F Vista Hall
    • 2F Rowing Museum - 1F Piano Lounge
    • 2F Trophy Room - 1F Pantry
    • 2F Model Hall - 1F Lounge
    • 2F Front Office - 1F Lounge
    • 2F Compass Hallway - 1F Lobby
    • 2F Classroom - 1F Reading Room
  • 7 Camera Locations
    • 2F Vista Hallway
    • 2F Compass Hallway
    • 1F Dining Room
    • 1F Archway Hall
    • 1F Lobby
    • Ext Main Gate
    • Ext Parking

Map Layout[]



  • Even after the Mid-Season Reinforcement, a slightly modified version of the Article 5 variant will still occur in a Disarm Bomb Terrorist Hunt Gamemode.
  • Some of the photographs hung on the walls are shots taken from other maps in the game, sometimes with people added in.[2]
  • This is the only situation that White Masks will have a noticeably different appearance on. Ambushers, Roamers and Engineers will all wear white gas masks instead of the normal white masks that cover their faces. Bombers are the only archetype to have the same attire as normal.
  • Emerald Plains originally started as a major rework for Bartlett University and as such incorporates many elements of the map. Due to the large amount of changes, it was decided to give the map its own theme and identity.[3]

Patch Changes[]