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William "Bill" Tawney is a character that appears in the Rainbow Six novel and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown. A former MI6 intelligence officer, he is the head of the Rainbow Intelligence Department.


Bill Tawney was born sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s. He eventually joined MI6 as an intelligence officer in the late 1960s. After almost thirty years with the organization, Tawney was assigned to support dozens of "behind-the-curtain" operations throughout the 1990s. He started working with the SAS directly in 1994 and was noted to have rarely given them bad intel over the next five years.

Rainbow Six[]

Tawney was transferred to the head of the Rainbow Intelligence Department in 1999 following the organization's formation.


During the Global Liberation Front terrorist attacks in 2009, Tawney provided direct support to Rainbow on several missions. Following the raid on LNR Anderson and the theft of Legion, Tawney and his team collaborated with the South African Government and reviewed the camera footage. They later discovered that the GLF was responsible.

In June 2009, Tawney and his team furnished a map of a GLF training compound in France that was led by Derek Mergen who was later captured by Rainbow for interrogations. On August 7, 2009, Tawney and his team provided directions and information to Domingo Chavez and Eddie Price in their mission to extract Nicolai Yazhov. On August 19th, Tawney and his team provided information on the Algerian gun runner Faisal Amidan.

On August 22nd, Tawney was attending the NATO Summit in Barcelona, Spain when it was attacked by the GLF. Tawney was among the numerous people taken hostage at the Summit. Despite this, Tawney was able to send an encrypted message to Rainbow explaining the situation. He also told of how Legion was on-site and that the GLF was intending to use it to kill the world leaders and broadcast their deaths. Tawney was later rescued alongside the world leaders after Rainbow was deployed to the location.