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Bishop is an American Rainbow Six operative currently serving as Deputy Director. He is the main protagonist in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2.


Early life[]

Bishop met Ding Chavez in Venezuela. They both belonged to separate Ranger companies but were left stranded after an ambush that left most of Bishop's companions dead. Over the following week, they both made their way through the jungle, encountering and exterminating several ragtag bands of militia. By the time they made it back to base, they were solid friends.

Several years later, Bishop was brought into Rainbow by Chavez. Bishop has had a lot of battlefield experience, but is relatively inexperienced as a commander. Bishop has tried to compensate for this by studying military tactics extensively. Combined with their strong charisma and courage under fire, their deep knowledge of tactics led Chavez to appoint Bishop head of Bravo Team in 2005.

More experienced than Logan -- Bishop trained him when Logan first joined – they both know every textbook tactical maneuver code. Bishop rose through the ranks rapidly, quickly becoming a team leader. During Bishop's few years at the top, they never failed a mission.

After the incident with Gabriel Nowak in 2010 Bishop was promoted to Deputy Director.

Physical appearance[]

Bishop's look and gender may vary, because the players can use the PEC to modify Bishop's looks. A wide variety of clothes, hats/helmets, bulletproof vests and camouflages/pattern are available ; for example, US Army's ACU, Canadian Forces CADPAT and UK's Desert DPM camos are available, as is Rainbow's traditional light blue, grey and black uniforms.

In game, the team's camouflage is the same as the one selected by the player for Bishop. This means that if the player selected the Olive Green Camouflage, Jung Park, Michael Walters, Sharon Judd and Gary Kenyon will be seen wearing it too. This works only with camos, however ; the aforementioned NPCs won't sport other helmets, vests and clothes than the Rainbow signature ones.

Personality and Traits[]

Bishop, (referenced as a male by default in the selection screen) is a professional soldier with an attention to detail and a strong belief in the work that Rainbow does. He typically has an easy-going manner, but becomes all business when it's time to go to work. During the assessments of Logan Keller and Gabriel Nowak, he is authoritative but also instructive, trying to guide Nowak towards different thinking and better solutions. He also is complimentary towards team members and subordinates when they have good ideas, tactics, or assessments, as is seen with his responses towards Keller, Park, Walter, or Judd.

Despite his excellence as a soldier, he does have a blind spot while leading; he sees the failures of his team as his own failures, leading him to cover for operatives like Gabriel Nowak despite their incompetence. His inability to let Gabriel Nowak accept the responsibility, (and possible criminal charges) in the death of Lt. Monroe in Vegas 2, indirectly led to the deaths of Echo Team, Sharon Judd, Kan Akahashi, and many innocents in Las Vegas.

Bishop is a driven individual, who is not above breaking rules. When the chance come to capture one of the Alvarez brothers in Vegas 2, he takes the opportunity despite breaking orders, (termed, 'going off the reservation). In that solo mission, he faces multiple threats and defeats them all through superior tactics, willpower, and luck, which is truly impressive since he had no backup and no support. That same drive also led him to hunt down Gabriel Nowak as the perpetrator of the terrorist acts against Las Vegas.

Bishop also is quite inspirational; during the prologue of Vegas 2, one of the lessons he tries to impart upon Gabriel and Logan is about how the team is a family. At the conclusion of Vegas 2, Logan Keller repeats the line, almost verbatim, back to Bishop, clearly having admired Bishop's leadership and lessons. Jun Park and Michael Walter both refer to Bishop as "Teach" in deference and respect.



  • Bishop is the only person in the game to (optionally) use an M8.