Craig "Blackbeard" Jenson is an Attacking Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Dust Line expansion alongside Valkyrie.[1]


Jenson grew up in a comfortable upper middle-class family with no military history. He decided that he wanted to be a Navy SEAL at a young age and devoted his life to achieving this goal. With the help of his father, a kinesiology professor at the University of Washington, he started training at twelve and enlisted at eighteen.[2]

Psychological Profile

The drive and discipline seen in SEAL team members is what drew Jenson to the group. He sees SEALs as an ideal blend of mental and physical abilities and strives to optimize both of these traits in himself.[3]

Gameplay Description

A Medium Armored Operator, Blackbeard's unique gadgets are his two Transparent Armored Rifle-Shields (TARS). These shields have 50 HP each. They protect his head from a few bullets, allowing a slightly higher survivability rate at the cost of mobility and recoil control.

  • When equipped with one of his Rifle-Shields, Blackbeard is protected from a few shots that are directed to his head. As such, his survival rate is increased by virtue of his head being more protected than other Operators.
  • Blackbeard holds two Rifle-Shields in total, and has to manually equip or de-equip them.
  • When Blackbeard still has two Rifle-Shields, pressing the equipment key will equip one of the two Rifle-Shields (the first one by default), pressing it again will de-equip it. After unequipping the shield, the game will automatically index to the other shield, and pressing the equipment key again will equip the other shield instead of the first. Unequipping the second shield will switch to the first shield, which can be equipped again.
  • Each Rifle-Shield can only withstand up to 50 HP worth of damage. Blackbeard is able to see each Shield's health, and can switch them out voluntarily.
  • However, if he unequips the Shield or switches to his D-50, he'll regain his maximum movement speed.


  • Blackbeard works well with Shield Operators due to the additional protection that they provide. With Blackbeard providing additional firepower, Operators like Montagne and Blitz provide him ample, mobile protection.


  • The Rifle-Shields have a limited health pool before they are torn apart. As such, weapons with a high damage output or have a blistering fire rate to compensate the damage will make quick work of them.
  • Vigil's BOSG.12.2 will make quick work of the Rifle-Shield with a single shot aimed at any part of it due to the weapon's damage output far surpassing the Shield's usual life expectancy.
  • Weapons such as Smoke's SMG-11 and Mira's Vector .45 ACP shoot at a fire rate so fast it can easily compensate for their weak damage per bullet, provided of course enough of these bullets connect.



Unique Gadget

Unique Gadget
Blackbeard Badge New

Rifle-Shield x 2
TARS Mk 0-Transparent Armored Rifle-Shield

"Deploys a ballistic shield on his rifle that can be swapped if the first one gets damaged."
— TARS Mk 0-Transparent Armored Rifle-Shield Description

The TARS Mk 0, Transparent Armored Rifle-Shield, or simply "Rifle-Shield", is a prototype based on the armor shield technology for tank gunners. It allows Blackbeard to increase his mobile protection without diminishing his field of vision.[1]


Blackbeard's Quotes
  • "Don't forget, we have a job to do."
  • "Don't lose your cool, no matter what happens."
  • "I'm with you."
  • "It's time to work."
  • "Keep it simple, no need to be flashy."
  • "Keep it together."
  • "Stay in control at all times."
Using Rifle-Shield
  • "Deploying Ballistics Shield!"
  • "Deploying Rifle-Shield!"
  • "Get behind me!"
  • "Mounting Rifle-Shield!"
  • "Rifle-Shield deployed!"
  • "Taking point!"
Using Breach Charge
  • "Breach Charge deployed!"
  • "Charge in position!"
  • "Breach Charge is set!"
Using Drone
  • "Activating Drone!"
  • "Loading mag!"
  • "Reloading!"
  • "On your feet."
  • "You're going to be okay."
Getting Hostage
  • "Asset secured."
  • "Package secured."
  • "Retrieved the asset."
  • "Retrieved the package."
  • "Securing the asset."
  • "Securing the package."
  • "We're in possession of the asset."
Moving Hostage
  • "Follow me."
  • "I need you to follow me, stay close!"
  • "Keep up!"
  • "Move it!"
  • "Pick it up."
  • "Pick up the pace."
  • "Run!"
  • "Run. now!"
  • "Speed it up."
  • "Stay close."
  • "Stay close and follow me!"
  • "Stay with me."
  • "This way."
  • "We need to move fast!"
  • "We need to run!"
  • "You need to follow me!"
Dropping Hostage
  • "Don't move."
  • "Hold it."
  • "Hold on."
  • "Hold up."
  • "Stay here."
  • "Stay put."


  • His name was first revealed with the announcement of the Operation Dust Line expansion on April 22, 2016.
  • On his knee guard, it says BPOS (B Positive), NKA (No Known Allergies).
  • Blackbeard's default outfit consists of multiple Crye Precision pieces of equipment; the AirFrame helmet, an AC combat set in Multicam and a Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC).
  • Blackbeard is the only known individual in Rainbow whom 707th SMB Operator Chul Kyung Hwa trusts enough to confide in.[4]

Gameplay Video

Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth- UPDATED Operator Profile - BLACKBEARD v4

Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth- UPDATED Operator Profile - BLACKBEARD v4.2

Patch Changes


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