Blackened Cygnus is the fifteenth mission of the Gameboy Advance version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission objective:

Control - Intelligence located Kutkin's base, an industrial complex close to the nuclear production facility of Ust' Kamenogorsk. 

Your mission is to take the base, neutralizing all the terrorists. 

Expect maximum resistance, all of Kutkin's remaining men are top-notch mercenaries and ex-military elite troops. 


John Clark - Team, this is the final showdown. It's them or us, and timing is essential. They could get the missile ready for launch at any minute. 

Precautions have been taken to prevent an all-out nuclear war, but the Russians are well aware of the turmoil a Russian-made missile launched at the west would cause. People at the highest levels of governments in the region are scrambling to avoid a potentially disastrous outcome if we fail. 

Godspeed team, and watch your six. 

Mission success

John Clark - Well, you did it again. Two members of the Kutkin crime family and their cronies have now been put out of business... permanently.

Our people are working hard to make sure all of the "loose ends" have been tied up this time. Aside from giving credit to their own internal police or military forces for our actions, the governments involved have kept quiet. Not a word of the overall incident or the existence of Rainbow has been leaked to the international press.

The world owes Rainbow a great debt. Preventing a nuclear missile from being launched by a revenge-crazed madman is no easy task. You've done well, good work.

Clark out.

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