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A cluster of Blinding Spores

Blinding Spores are an enemy archtype featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction.


Released from bio-organic structures, they can be found scattered around incursions in clusters. If a player gets too close to them, they will automatically attach themselves to the player, slightly obscuring vision. Vision obstruction will increase if more spores become attached. After a short amount of time, they will detonate and release a green cloud, obscuring vision and dealing slight damage for all players in the vicinity. However, the detonation will not damage players who only have 1HP left.

Spores get destroyed and removed, when attached, by:

If attached, removal can also be done by teammates. If playing an Incursion solo, players can remove them with explosives which will not damage the player in normal incursions, though in modes where friendly fire is enabled the player will receive damage and get blinded by friendly Stun Grenades. Destroying Spores will also count as an enemy kill and can count towards some Studies.

Higher difficulties may also feature Blind Spore Carriers which are mutated enemies with Spores growing out of their bodies. These enemies will rush players, causing Spores to attach and detonate. With precise shots the Spores can also be removed from the carrier. When the Carrier dies the Spores will also be destroyed without releasing there toxic cloud.