Elias "Blitz" Kötz is an Attacking Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


Kötz is a graduate of Hermann0Bose-Gymnasium, an elite academy specializing in science and language studies. Throughout his education Kötz excelled both academically and athletically. Among his many unique qualities, Kötz is multilingual with the ability to grasp the nuance of language quickly. His physically imposing frame and skill with his weapon make him formidable in tight space, room-to-room deployment. It's his tactical experience that secures him as a solid Rainbow elite. These abilities combed with his specialized academic background and good-natured personality make him highly sought after. He easily transitioned from a Schnelle Kräfte soldier in Kosovo to a member of the GSG 9. Kötz has been integral to fostering training practices and good will between India's National Security Guard and GSG 9.[3]

Psychological Profile

Kötz has seen his share of battlefield horrors but is mentally resilient. He uses humor to disarm and as a device to manage stress during operations. He is the first to rush a barricade and is always willing to place the team's safety over his own. Kötz rejects the concept that his deeds are in some way heroic. When faced with overt praise, he will become self-effacing.[4]

Psychological Report

Specialist Elias "Blitz" Kötz has seen his share of intense combat but is physically and mentally resilient. His temperament can best be described as jovial, though his team prefers to describe his sense of humor as "goofy." I know my son would agree. Kötz uses humor to help diffuse stressful situations. It's appreciated by his teammates and holds more value than his previous commanders gave him credit for. […] It's not that he doesn't take his job seriously. In fact, quite the opposite: On a number of occasions he was the first to rush a barricade and has often placed the team's safety over his own. The fact that Kötz prefers to not consider his acts as heroic is a quirk of his personality, but certainly no detriment to his performance. […]

I like to think of myself as physically fit. Of course I realize these specialists are in a class of their own but even there, Kötz stands out as exceptional. He jokes about how often our med team files requests to strap him to some new machine so they can keep testing his physical limits. For anyone else the attention might be overwhelming, but Kötz takes it all in his stride. […]

For his easy laugh and quick wit, there's an earnest passion to Kötz. In the midst of telling me how his childhood was fun and free, he suddenly stopped. All joking aside, he said, "We have a responsibility to look after one another. I take that very seriously." I have no doubt. […] I've noticed that Blitz is a close confidante with Specialist Lera "Finka" Melnikova. When I asked him about it, he said they enjoy making fun of each other. She impresses him, he told me. It makes me wonder if he harbors some guilt because he's in perfect health. […]

Kötz mental dexterity can't be overlooked, yet he often neglects to use it during operations. His amicable friendship with Specialist Gilles "Montagne" Toure may be a pathway to expanding Kötz's application of his own abilities, and a way to home their competitive edge.

- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Gameplay Description

A Medium Armored Operator, Blitz's unique gadget is the G52-Tactical Shield, a Ballistic Shield loaded with forward-facing flash charges that Blitz can manually detonate, blinding anyone within the Shield's range. Unlike other Shield Operators, Blitz can also wield his shield up while sprinting.

  • Blitz's Flash Shield has four charges. When his Shield equipped, Blitz can trigger the shield's Flash Charges, blinding anyone in front of him.
    • The Flash Charges can be activated even when aiming down sights.
    • The Flash Charges have a maximum reach of five meters, with full temporary blindness being caused at distances up to four meters.
    • Facing away from Blitz will not reduce the effects of the flash.
    • There is a 7-second cooldown between flashes.
  • Blitz is able to sprint with his shield up in front of him. This allows him to approach enemies with his head and torso protected. This contrasts other Shield using Operators who lower the shield to the side while sprinting.
  • Blitz is the only 2 armor 2 speed Operator in the game equipped with a Ballistic Shield. However, his shield has a significant speed penalty (double the normal shield penalty), effectively dropping his speed down to a normal Heavy Armored Operator.


  • Smoke's Remote Gas Grenades will circumvent Blitz's defenses, like other Shield Operators.
  • Mute's Signal Disruptors will disrupt the Flash Shield if Blitz is within their area of effect.
  • Ela's Grzmot Mines and Lesion's Gu Mines will prevent affected Operators from sprinting, meaning Blitz will not be able to take advantage of his ability to sprint with his shield up. Gu Mines will also force Blitz to put away his shield if he wishes to take out the needle.
  • When activated, Warden's Glance Smart Glasses make him immune to the effects of the Flash Shield. Even after being flashed, by activating his ability, the Smart Glasses quickly clear up the flash effect and allow him to see normally.



Unique Gadget

Unique Gadget
Blitz Badge New

Flash Shield x 4
G52-Tactical Shield

"Triggers the flash attached to his ballistic shield to temporarily blind enemies."
— G52-Tactical Shield Description

Kötz has been a fan of flashbang entry methods since joining the Schnelle Kräfte, preferring to disorient to limit collateral damage, unlike other explosive entry methods. The G52-Tactical Shield allows Kötz to quickly advance after firing a row and remain protected from frontal attacks as he moves to aid teammates or hostages.

Inspired by ballistic shields fashioned with strobe lights, the G52-Tactical Shield takes this technology one step further. By replacing a high-intensity light source with three rows of eight flashbang grenades, the G52 allows for a bold and calculated entrance where the aim is to incapacitate rather than maim potential targets.

Device Evaluation

Device: G52-Tactical Light Shield
Operator: Specialist Elias "Blitz" Kötz
Evaluation Lead: Specialist Elias "Blitz" Kötz

Flash and bash - Kapow! Is all you need to know.

Serious, when Six and Mira (Doctor Harry Pandey and Direct Elena Alvarez) issued a directive to have all the equipment evaluated, I volunteered to put my G52-Tactical Light Shield through rigorous tests... as long as they treated me to lunch. :)

The Flash shield has had modifications that improve the flash and make the shield's weight lighter. I speak for all operators when I suggest that lighter is always better. Light makes faster!

[Comment_E.Alvarez: Yes, Elias. I've made a note in the file. We'll do what we can. Mira.]

So it's all working very well. One last thing! When I opened this file there was already a note: Blitz's G52 Flash and Bash aggressive and yet Elias is the total opposite!. He's the sweetest, funniest person to hang out with.

I have no idea who wrote this, but they are correct. I am the funniest and sweetest.

- Blitz


Blitz's Quotes
  • "I don't like photos of myself. The lighting is always wrong."
  • "Am I going to have to save all of your asses again?"
  • "Dammit, did anyone remember to bring the ammo?"
  • "Don't make me laugh."
  • "Do you think I have time to use the bathroom?"
  • "I hope I don't have to save all your asses again."
  • "If anybody needs to sneeze, do it now!"
  • (Laughs)
  • "Let's look alive out here."
  • "Oh good. More waiting around."
  • "Remember. Point your gun at the bad guys!"
  • "Stick behind me and your ugly mug just might live to see another day!"
  • "Should we go get the bad guys, maybe? Just a suggestion."
Using Drone
  • "Drone's ready."
Setting Breach Charge
  • "Breach Charge is hot."
  • "Breach Charge set."
  • "Cover me, reloading!"
  • "Loading new mag!"
  • "Reloading!"
  • "Reloading, cover me!"
  • "Looks like you've sprung a leak!"
  • "Let's do something about that boo boo!"
  • "Let's heal that boo boo!"
  • "Let's patch you up."
  • "Looks like you could use a hand!" 
Getting Hostage
  • "Hostage secured."
  • "I have the hostage."
  • "Let's get moving. You'll be safe soon."
  • "Let's get out of here!"
  • "We're moving out, I've got you."
Moving Hostage
  • "Come freund, we need to move."
  • "Let's go!"
  • "Move."
  • "Move it out!"
  • "Move out! Quickly!"
  • "Moving out. I've got you."
  • "Move, quickly!"
  • "Time to move!"
Dropping Hostage
  • "Do NOT move from this spot!"
  • "Don't move from this spot."
  • "Stay here, don't move."
  • "Stay right here."
  • "Stay still."
  • "Stay where you are."
Scanning Enemies
  • "Bad guys in our way."
  • "Targets in sight!"
  • "Targets changing mags!"
  • "Targets reloading!"
  • "Targets swapping mags!"


  • Blitz means "Lightning" in German.
  • The word "Lächeln", which means "Smile" in German, and a smiley face can be seen painted on his shield in some promotional materials. The face is absent in-game.
  • On February 3rd, 2017, during the live panel of the Rainbow Six Invitational, it was revealed that Blitz's original ability involved spawning during the Preparation Phase. This had been abandoned as it was determined to be game-breaking.

Gameplay Video

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile BLITZ-0

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile BLITZ-0

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Flash Test & Comparison - Rainbow Six - Siege

Patch Changes


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