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For the gameplay mechanic, see Armor and Speed.

"Always fall to DBNO while wearing body armor. Incoming damage reduces by 20%. Lose Body Armor when Downed. REACT Tech Supply Case replenishes and reapplies Body Armor."
— In-game Description

Body Armor is Tier 1 Gear featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. While equipped, players will enter DBNO when sustaining fatal damage. It also reduces incoming damage by 20% and can be resupplied at REACT tech supply stations. Body Armor can be useful for damage reduction if Rook is not available at that very moment to supply the team with Armor Plates.

When playing Solo Incursions, Body Armor can reduce damage being taken however it will not send the player into DBNO when losing all health and will send the player into KO.

When Rook reaches Advancement level 2, he will have Body Armor applied to him by default so by carrying the Body Armor gear, he can add additional protection to himself.