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Bomb is a gamemode featured in several installments of the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Franchise.

Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear

Save Your Base is a gamemode featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six that was introduced in the Eagle Watch expansion. It returns unchanged in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear. Teams fight to locate the detonator that the enemy team has wired to their base. Once located, teams must disarm the detonator at their base before the other team. Detonators are the same color as the team needs to disarm them.


Bomb is a PVP gamemode featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


Two bombs have been placed in the objective location. They are typically placed in rooms next to each other or in close proximity, some sites however feature split Bomb Sites, in which the site will be split between floors. An example of this is in the Map Consulate, where the 4th site is 1F Tellers and B Archives. The Attackers must attempt to defuse one of the bombs by activating the defuser. Once activated, the defuser will take 45 seconds (60 seconds in Terrorist Hunt) to disarm the bomb. The attackers win the round if they can defuse one of the two bombs, or if the enemy team is eliminated. The Defenders must prevent the Attackers from activating the defuser or disable the defuser that already has been activated. The Defenders can win by destroying the defuser after it has been planted, or alternatively, eliminating the Attackers before they're able to plant the defuser.

In Ranked planting the defuser takes seven seconds, after which the 45 second timer starts, indicated by a circle where the round timer was. Disabling the defuser takes seven seconds, effectively giving the Defenders 38 seconds after planting to secure the site.[1]

If the defuser is planted on an un-reinforced hatch, destroying the hatch can cause the defuser to fall out of the room, resulting in an instant loss for the Attackers.

Objective Locations



Club House


Hereford Base


Kafe Dostoyevsky



Presidential Plane



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