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For the mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, see Mexican Border.

"Somewhere in Middle East, team Rainbow has been called in to assist local law enforcement regain control of the border. A mix of old and new construction and open air pathways, this is one of the most destructible and open maps in the game."
— Ubisoft Description

Border is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Dust Line expansion. The map was later reworked in the Crimson Heist expansion.


  • 3 Attacker Spawn Locations
    • East Vehicle Entrance
    • Valley
    • West Vehicle Exit
  • 4 Defender Objective Locations
    • Bomb
      • 2F Armory Lockers & 2F Archives
      • 1F Workshop & 1F Ventilation Room
      • 1F Customs Inspection & 1F Supply Room
      • 1F Tellers & 1F Bathroom
    • Secure Area
      • 2F Armory Lockers
      • 2F Offices
      • 1F Workshop
      • 1F Tellers
    • Hostage
      • 2F Security Room
      • 2F Office
      • 1F Customs Desk
      • 1F Tellers
  • 5 Hatches
    • 2F Security Room - 1F Customs Inspection
    • 2F Security Room - 1F Customs Desk

Map Layout[]



  • A unique calendar can be found in several locations on the map, (e.g. the customs inspection area) depicting what appears to be a Brazilian Favela and the July 31 date marked with a circle with APA in it. It's possibly an Easter Egg and a reference for the Operation Skull Rain DLC, which wasn't revealed at Border's release. While the actual release date was August 2, some speculate that it was the original release date before Operation Black Ice had to be delayed, along with the rest of the DLCs.
  • One the vents in 1F Main Lobby, silhouettes of what looks like 3 Operators can be seen formed by stains on one end of the vents.[1]