Bravo Team is a Rainbow fireteam.

It is this team that is controlled during the events of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. The team leader varies across the games.


In the Rainbow Six: Vegas series chronology, Bravo Team is first introduced in 2005 in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. When Bishop is called from the Academy to be part of the intervention forces in a hostage situation in France, he is given command of Bravo Team, consisting in him and two of his former trainees; Logan Keller and Gabriel Nowak. Both men were riflemen, and Bishop's weapons change depending on the player's choices.

Bravo makes its way through the Observatory, dispatching terrorist one by one in a frightening silence. When reaching the negotiations room where the hostage are held, Nowak fires prematurely, as Keller and Bishop are forced to terminate the job.  The hostages are saved, the negotiator (Lieutenant Monroe) is killed and the terrorists are wiped out. While defusing a bomb, Bravo suffers a casualty as Nowak is wounded by couter-attacking terrorists. Alpha Team arrives and cleans the rest of the complex, before taking care of Gabriel.


Eddie Price commands Bravo Team at one point when Rainbow goes to stop the GLF.


Five years later, Bishop is still the leader of Bravo Team but his teammates are Michael Walter and Jung Park. Their Panther helicopter is piloted by Gary Kenyon and their intel officer is Sharon Judd. Together, the Team resolves several crisis in Las Vegas, Nevada, including rescuing hostages, securing the fictionnal Convention Center and defusing several bombs.

After securing the Elements Casino and rescuing the hostages held within, Bishop learns that Logan's Alpha Team has been ambushed in Mexico and that his teammates have been captured. With Bishop ordered to return to the base, Bravo Team goes under command of Logan.

Under Logan's command, the Team fights on in Vegas, cleaning buildings and saving more hostages. This happens during the events of Rainbow Six: Vegas.

As Nowak is discovered to be a traitor who sold out informations on NATO and Rainbow, Bishop resumes command of Bravo Team and disobeys orders from Ding Chavez in order to chase Nowak down in Costa Rica. They succeed and Bishop is promoted Deputy Director despite his previous disregard of director orders.

Bravo Team 2005
Bishop Team Lead
Knight Rifleman
Logan Keller Rifleman
Gabriel Nowak Rifleman

Bravo Team 2010
Bishop Team Lead
Knight Rifleman
Logan Keller Temp Team Lead Alpha Team later Charlie Team
Michael Walter Support Gunner
Jung Park Recon/Rifleman
Gary Kenyon
Brody Lukin Temp pilot Alpha Team later Charlie Team
Intel Officers
Sharon Judd
Joanna Torres
Temp Intel officer Alpha Team later Charlie Team

2012 TeamEdit

Bravo Team helps secure the locations that Alpha Team had cleared for them.

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