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The Breacher is an Archæan that appears in the Outbreak event of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It has two variants, the Bloater and Smoker.


Breachers are organisms produced by the Chimera Parasite as an extreme response to the presence of threats within its environment. During the initial infestation stage of the Chimera Parasite, hosts are infected and mutated into Breacher. On Earth, Breachers were initially produced through the infection of humans during the 2018 outbreak in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Once infected, the host loses their sanity as they grow spikes out of their bodies, particularly in their backs. These spikes are adorned with highly volatile sacks. As a result of this mutation, infected individuals demonstrate largely quadrupedal movement though they are still capable of standing on both legs. When alerted to threats, human Breachers will charge. Once the threat is in range, a chemical reaction will occur, causing a human Breacher's pouches to detonate.

The Parasite later adapted to start assimilating organic matter into itself rather than infecting hosts. Through Sprawl, it started producing Archæan Breachers in lieu of human Breachers. Like a human Breacher, an Archæan Breacher is predominantly quadrupedal but features a more alien appearance. When alerted to threats, an Archæan Breacher will howl to alert nearby Archaeans before charging. Once in proximity of the threat, a chemical reaction will occur, resulting in a concussive blast within an area.

Rather than dozens of volatile sacks on its back, an Archæan Breacher has a large dorsal hump adorned, enabling it to produce a higher explosive yield than its human counterpart. The volatility of its hump make an an Archæan Breacher susceptible to detonation through ballistics or other forms of trauma. If killed before detonation, an Archæan Breacher's hump will remain active.

Further mutations of the Archæan Breacher have resulted in the creation of Bloaters and Smokers which can be distinguished from their different color dorsal humps and the effects of their detonations.



Outbreak Breacher.jpeg

Breachers are highly-volatile enemies that have the ability to blow up walls, even those that are reinforced.

Like Grunts, Breacher can be found on the field, undisturbed, but will immediately attack the Operators if alerted. Their infested spines start out bright yellow, turning bright orange to show they are ready to detonate.

Meleeing Breachers when they are about to explode delays the explosion while stunning the Breacher, giving the Operator time to escape the blast.


This section features Codex Entries about the Bloater and Smoker.
Extraction Breacher.jpeg

Breachers, as well as their variants Bloaters and Smokers, are Tier 1 enemies that appear in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. All variants feature virtually identical behaviors to one another. Like other enemies, they will patrol areas and will emit notable hissing sounds similar to an armed bomb. If alerted, they will howl to alert nearby enemies and will start charging at players. Once in front of a player, they will stop and scream before detonating the hump on their back.

It is recommended to kill all Breacher variants before they reach the player. One shot to their backs is enough to cause a them to detonate. Should they be killed by another means, their bodies will remain on the ground and their dorsal hump will remain active. If they get too close to a player, the REACT Blade can be used to push them back and prevent them from detonating. This will give players a few seconds to get away and kill them from a safe distance.

As with most Archæans, a Takedown can be performed on all Breacher variants if they are unalerted or stunned. It should be noted that shooting them from a distance will not alert enemies if they detonate. It will, however, cause nearby enemies to investigate the disturbance. The REACT Laser should not be used around Breacher variants as it will cause them to detonate after direct contact.

Breacher variants can be identified by the following characteristics:

  • Breacher - Identified by their red dorsal humps. The resulting explosion from detonating will inflict large amounts of damage to players and is also capable of destroying reinforced walls and damaging nearby enemies. Dead Breachers can provide players with an explosive trap to damage other incoming enemies.
  • Bloater - Identified by their green dorsal humps. Detonation causes a toxic cloud of gas to be released that will eventfully dissipate over time. This will damage inflict small amounts of damage over time to any player caught within the cloud. Enemies are immune to the effects of the toxic gas.
  • Smoker - Can be identified by their pink dorsal humps which feature notable tendrils. They will regularly release a thick cloud of pink smoke that will obscure player vision similar to Chimera Fog. Enemies will still be able to see enemies through the smoke. Detonation will release even more smoke.



Mira Study Portrait.pngStudies In Defusal (San Francisco)

Objective Take Down 3 Breachers or Bloaters. Weapon Skins Logo Common.pngCarrara Weapon Skin

10,000 XP
Brief "Breachers & Bloaters are volatile Archæans that explode on contact. Bloaters leave behind a gas which is noxious to Humans. Both can be defused safely with a Takedown." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Breachers and Bloaters"

"Chimera Bacteria is capable of creating variations with specific behaviors and purpose. For instance, aggression within Breacher and Bloater is a direct response to our presence within their dens. Why would the Chimera use energy to create a variation that destroys itself?" - Mira

Objective Ping an unalerted Breacher or Bloater. 10,000 XP

1 Codex Entry
Brief "Act fast to perform a Takedown on Bloaters & Breachers or risk being caught by their explosion." - Mira
Logbook Entry SF-041

"Eliza, Since we detected Chimera bacteria in New York, REACT has been working to confirm traces in San Francisco. Why here? Geo lab suggests testing the lunar samples stored at the Foundation." - Mira

Stop Hitting Yourself
Objective Kill 3 enemies with Breacher explosions. Charms Logo Common.pngBreacher Backsack Charm

10,000 XP
Brief "Target the head of a Breacher or Bloater to prevent them from exploding. However, when surrounded by other Archæans, target the vulnerable point on the Breacher's back for multiple kills." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Chimera Motive"

"The Chimera Bacteria is spreading. So far we're not seeing the pattern or reason. With our Operators facing such dangerous variations as Breacher and Bloater, we need to be open to the theory that it has some purpose behind its actions. What does the Chimera want?" - Mira


Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Defused Achievement.png Defused Takedown 50 Breachers or Bloaters. 15G Bronze

Ubisoft Connect[]

Image Name Description Reward
Defused Challenge.png Defused Takedown 10 Breachers, Bloaters or Smokers. 50 XP







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