Sébastien "Buck" Côté is an Attacking Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Black Ice DLC expansion alongside Frost.[1]


A Montreal native, Côté always wanted to lead an unconventional life. He enrolled in the Canadian Armed Force via the Regular Officer Training Plan, which allowed him to attend University and obtain a degree in criminology. After graduation, he became an MP in the Canadian Army.

When his time in the Army was completed he joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and eventually became a part of the Emergency Response Team. After excelling in his ERT role he was invited by the Canadian military to re-up and become a member of JTF2.[2]

Psychological Profile

Highly pragmatic, Côté will always take the shortest distance between two points. He is not one to mince words or become hyperbolic. He enjoys simple mechanical devices rather than the more high-tech arsenal employed by other members of Team Rainbow.[3]

Gameplay Description

A Medium Armored Operator, Buck's unique gadget is an under-barrel mounted shotgun known as the "Skeleton Key", otherwise designated as the SK 4-12. This shotgun has a higher destructive potential than any of the other known shotguns.

  • Buck, much like Sledge, is an Operator meant for quick breaches, as his Skeleton Key is able to break through non-reinforced surfaces better than any other available shotgun in the game.
  • As to how much more destruction it creates, the Skeleton Key creates holes larger than other shotguns according to the Caliber-based Destruction model implemented during the Operation Red Crow update.[4]
  • Due to it having heightened destructive capabilities, shooting from a bit farther away from a surface is a viable tactic in spreading pellets out more for larger holes.
  • Using the special gadget button (PC: MMB) will switch between Buck's current firearm and the Skeleton Key. The Skeleton Key operates like any other firearm.
  • Although not meant to be used for combat, the Skeleton Key has a maximum damage of approximately 31 per pellet. Compared to other shotguns, the Skeleton Key's damage dropoff is greater, reaching 11 damage per pellet by 22m.[5]
  • The Skeleton Key holds 4 + 1 shells, with 16 shells in reserve.



Unique Gadget

Unique Gadget
Buck Badge New.png

Skeleton Key
SK 4-12

"Toggles under-barrel shotgun attachment on his main weapon."
— SK 4-12 Description

The Skeleton Key, an under-barrel mounted 12 gauge shotgun, allows Buck to swiftly breach and target hostiles. By changing hand positions on his assault rifle, he is able to quickly switch from ranged to close-quarter combat. The Skeleton Key is also an effective breaching tool to destroy barricades or create a line of sight.[1]


Buck's Quotes
Outbreak: Sierra Paradise
  • "What? No welcoming committee?"
  • "You want me to run up the front stairs and ring the doorbell?"
  • "So the monsters are team players now. Who knew?"
  • "Jäger has the worst luck. You think the crash killed whatever took him down?"
  • "I don't have any answers for you. I wish I did."
  • "These guys don't know when to quit, do they?"
  • "Relax, I have enough bullets for all of them."
  • "It's just like Jäger to make a dramatic entrance. It's life or death with this guy."
  • "At least we're getting some fresh air. Could be worse."
  • "I bet he's already fixed himself with duct tape and plastic wrap."
  • "You'd better not have died on me."
Outbreak: Sierra Veterans Wing
  • "Twenty bucks says this exfil is a bust."
  • "Grab the doctor, find the cure. What's not to like?"
  • "Seems like they know more how security works in this place than we do."
  • "Our mission hasn't changed. Focus on the that instead."
  • "C'est correct. We'll manage."
  • "We're almost home free. You can do it, doc."
Outbreak: The Nest
  • "You wanna let me in on any "special" tactics you've got planned?"
  • "It's nice to put all of that training to use."
  • "Couldn't have said it better myself."
  • "Electricity's offline."
  • "You have to commend Patient Zero's dedication to loneliness."
  • "Well, when you've got a bunch of rusty cars to protect, you can't be too careful."
  • "Generator online."
  • "Crane's moving."
  • "Generator back online."
  • "This is the place."
  • "We came all the way for this little thing?"
Outbreak: Resupplying
  • "All bandaged up."
  • "All better."
  • "Ammo over here."
  • "Ammo's here."
  • "Anything missing? Nope!"
  • "Medkit here."
  • "Ready to go."
  • "Resupply, I'll cover you."
  • "Be aware of your surroundings."
  • "Be ready for anything."
  • "Don't lose track of them."
  • "It's second nature."
  • "Just don't forget that we are the hunters."
  • "Just stick to the plan and everything will be okay."
  • "Remember: We are the hunters, they are the prey."
  • "Remember the plan, but be ready to adapt."
  • "Stay alert at all times."
  • "We need to track them down."
  • "Whatever."
Using Stun Grenade
  • "Throwing flash."
  • "Throwing flashbang!"
  • "Throwing Flash Grenade."
  • "Using flashbang!"
Using Frag Grenade
  • "Frag Grenade out!"
  • "Frag out!"
  • "Throwing frag!"
  • "Tossing Frag Grenade!"
Deploying Drone
  • "Drone activated."
  • "Loading new mag!"
  • "Need to reload!"
  • "Reload!"
  • "Reloading!"
  • "Swapping mags!"
  • "Easy, I've got you."
  • "I've got you."
  • "You're going to be okay."
Getting Hostage
  • "I have the package."
  • "Package secured."
  • "Retrieved the package."
  • "Secured the package."
  • "Securing the package."
  • "We have secured the package."
  • "We've got the package."
Moving Hostage
  • "Follow me."
  • "Let's go, fast!
  • "Make a run for it!"
  • "Run now!"
  • "Stay with me."
  • "This way."
  • "We have to run."
  • "We need to move fast."
Dropping Hostage
  • "Don't move."
  • "I need you to stay here!"
  • "Stay here."
  • "Stay put."
  • "Stay here and keep your head down!"
  • "Wait, hold on."
White Masks Reloading
  • "He's swapping mags."
  • "Tango changing mags!"


  • The name of the under-barrel mounted shotgun, Skeleton Key, alludes to the KAC Masterkey under-barrel mounted shotgun, as a Skeleton key is a type of Master key. The names of both shotguns allude to their use as door breaching shotguns.
  • The weapon itself is based on the M26 MASS underbarrel shotgun. However, the actual attachment is bolt-action instead of semi-automatic, unlike its in-game portrayal.
  • His blood type is O+ according to one of the pouches on his rig.
  • A patch showing the flag of Quebec, Buck's birth-province, is present on his right arm.

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