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Bullet Penetration

Bullet Penetration is a gameplay feature of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The feature allows players to fire bullets through objects, creating holes in structures or damaging enemy players.

Object Penetration

Calibre-Based Destruction Bullet Holes - Rainbow Six Siege

Calibre-Based Destruction Bullet Holes - Rainbow Six Siege

Aside from metal or concrete objects, all objects on maps can receive bullet penetration, to include walls and furniture. This creates an ever-changing environment on the map by allowing players to fire through cover and damage enemy players.

Gunshots create little bullet holes on destructible surfaces and can break entire chunks of the destructible surface if enough shots landed within a certain area, known as an impulse. Weapon types and bullet caliber determine the size of bullet holes in objects. A weapon with a higher caliber like the D-50 can create holes faster. Shotguns will completely destroy destructible objects, creating large holes in walls or furniture. Reinforcements may be applied to walls or hatches in order to prevent bullet penetration or breaching.

Limb Penetration

Limb Penetration has been a feature of the game since launch. The release of Operation Shifting Tides reworked the system to reflect the implantation of new Operators to the game.[1]

There are three types of limb penetration in the game: none, simple, and full.

Limb Penetration System
  • None - Shots will not penetrate through limbs or torsos. This applies to most shotguns and secondary submachine guns.
  • Simple - Shots will penetrate through a limb and damage other limbs or torso. An example is firing through a players hand to obtain a headshot. This applies to primary submachine guns, assault rifles, pistols, and light machine guns.
  • Full - Shots will fully penetrate through all Operator body parts and will hit any operator behind them for 30% reduced damage. This applies to the BOSG.12.2, TCSG12, and sniper rifles.

Should bullets not penetrate arms, hands, or legs, damage will be reduced to 75%. Operators with a three armor rating will have damage reduced to 65%.

One detail to keep in mind with all this: now that most bullets go through arms and hands, the damage received if a shot hits only those areas (without penetration) is reduced to 75%, the same as leg shots. For Operators with 3 Armor, however, damage is reduced to 65%.


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