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"Remote detonation C4 explosive."
— In-game description

Nitro Cell is a gadget featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


The Nitro Cell is a remote-detonated explosive device that deals high damage and is designed as an effective killing tool.

A Nitro Cell detonation deals a maximum of 171 points of damage versus Light Armor (144 vs. Medium Armor & 126 vs. Heavy Armor) at up to 2m distance. Damage drop off is rapid after this and falls to zero by 6m distance. They will heavily damage all players in their vicinity if not killing them outright, depending on where they detonate and how much health was left before the detonation occurred. Getting hit directly by the Nitro Cell deals 5 points of damage. A Nitro Cell can also cause significant damage through breakable surfaces if a target is within range.

Be aware that the act of pulling out a Nitro Cell makes a small "rip" sound as the Operator pulls off the duct tape. Nitro Cells cannot be thrown as far as other throwables (it uses a special "Heavy Throw" throwing profile); aiming high is often required to reach some far-away surfaces. One important feature of the Nitro Cell is its ability to stick to objects, allowing for crafty placement (Such as above doorways or below floors) to catch Attackers off guard.

A placed Nitro Cell makes a small but audible beeping sound and has a visible red light. Attackers can disable the device by shooting it with any type of weapon, causing it to disappear in a puff of harmless smoke. Placing a Nitro Cell on the opposite side of a breakable surface will significantly reduce the volume of the sound cue.

In Terrorist Hunt, Nitro Cells detonated by White Masks only deal a maximum of 80 damage on Light Armor Operators. This does not apply to Nitro Cells used by a player.


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  • Nitro Cells can be destroyed by a single bullet from any weapon.
  • Any explosion will destroy Nitro Cells placed within their range.
  • Thatcher's EMP Grenades will disable Nitro Cells for 15 seconds, but will not destroy them.
  • A single shot from Twitch's Shock Drones, Maestro's Evil Eyes, or Zero's ARGUS Cameras can destroy a Nitro Cell.
  • IQ's Electronics Detector can spot placed Nitro Cells through surfaces.
  • When active, Aruni's Surya Gates will destroy Nitro Cells that come in contact with its lasers. The Surya Gate will then be disabled for 30 seconds before it can be manually reactivated. This can be avoided by standing next to the Surya Gate while throwing the Nitro Cell.
  • Ballistic Shields used by Montagne, Blitz, Fuze and Clash will absorb 66% of the damage dealt by a Nitro Cell if it's detonated directly in front of them. This applies to all operators standing behind the shield.
  • The explosion from a Nitro Cell will knock back a Shield Operator's shield, leaving them vulnerable for a few seconds.



  • With Pulse's Heartbeat Scanner, you can spot enemies through surfaces and eliminate them safely through a soft surface with a Nitro Cell.
  • Pre-place a Nitro Cell below common entry points, high-traffic areas, or common plant spots and detonate it when Attackers pass through. Take advantage of sound cues and any intel-gathering gadget to determine when to detonate the Nitro Cell.
  • Nitro Cells are useful for eliminating Shield Operators such as Montagne, Blitz or Fuze as the device can be thrown behind them. This bypasses their defense and can potentially kill anyone behind them as well. Nitro Cells detonated in front of them can also knock back their shields and leave them vulnerable to bullets.


  • On some Bomb sites, it is advisable to plant the Defuser on top of an unbreakable object to avoid dying to a Nitro Cell from below.


  • The C4 part of the Nitro Cell is imported from Canada, as seen from the back.
  • The Mobile Phone used for Nitro Cell and detonator are based on Nokia 5125.
  • The battery on the Mobile Phone reads "Very Small".

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