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For the other carbine variants of the M16, see its successor, the M4 and its variant, R4-C

The CAR-15 is a weapon featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.

A compact version of the M-16, the CAR-15 is commonly used when the firepower of an assault rifle is needed, but the weight and size is not. It is commonly used by US and Israeli special forces. It comes standard with a single, three round, and full auto trigger group.



Rainbow Six- CAR-15


  • The CAR-15 is modeled with a 20 round magazine and incorrectly feeds 30 rounds out of said magazines.
  • For some reason, the CAR-15's handguard is the same length as the M16A2 in-game, despite the CAR-15 being a carbine version of the latter.
  • The weapon does not have a 3-round burst in real life.