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The Closed-Circuited Television, or CCTV, is a special system featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mobile. It is utilized primarily for gathering intel by Defenders, in a fashion similar to that of Attackers' Drones. However, these are fixed in place and can be rotated only in a fixed radius.

Gameplay Description[]

The surveillance cameras in-game are black, hemispherical camera modules often fixated on white stands accompanied by support poles when outside, and fixed to ceilings when inside. Most maps have these CCTV cameras both inside and outside the map's building, with Tower and Presidential Plane being the only exceptions, having no exterior cameras. Exterior cameras are unavailable in Training Grounds Protect Hostage mode and are unavailable in the rest of their modes.

Upon activation, they give a monochrome feed in real-time and light up blue when in use, with the ability to rotate the footage in a fixed radius.


Cameras are able to "Scan" enemies, marking their positions to teammates. Scanning can be performed on any camera either when actively controlling them or when passively viewing camera footage.

To scan, the player must hold down the scan button for one full second. After completing the scan, any enemy that can be visibly identified by the camera will have a red ping placed at the position of their feet for all teammates to see, which persists through walls. Upon spotting an enemy player, they will be alerted of being spotted with the line SPOTTED BY SCAN appearing on their HUD. Attackers can only be scanned if they are within view of the drone's camera crosshairs.

If an enemy Operator that is not identified before (and thus appears as a question mark on the top of the HUD) is scanned, they will be identified.

Attackers' Drones and other observation tools also use the same spotting mechanic.

Manual Ping[]

Cameras can utilize use the Ping 2.0 system introduced in Operation Shadow Legacy. When operating a camera, players can click the Ping button to place a yellow marker at the center of their view. If a gadget is pinged, a corresponding icon will be displayed on a blue (friendly) or red (enemy) marker. Pinging an enemy Operator's gadget will automatically reveal the enemy Operator for the entire team.

Manually pinging an enemy player's location will not alert them.


Thatcher's EMP grenades will temporarily disable cameras within their blast radius. Twitch's shock drone can destroy cameras, provided they are in the taser's range. They can be one-shotted by bullets.

Once Dokkaebi hacks the system, Attackers can switch to camera view from drone view and vice-versa by pressing the prompted button, with the camera lighting up orange if they're being used by the Attacking team. If any Defender shoots their cameras, they will lose 10 points, as they are considered a team gadget. But when hacked by Dokkaebi, Defenders will not lose points when they shoot their cameras.


  • The in-game cameras bear a strong resemblance to the DS-2CD4526FWD IZH by Hikvision Digital Technology Co. ltd.