The Closed-Circuited Television, or CCTV, is a special system featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It is utilized primarily for gathering intel by Defenders, in a fashion similar to that of Attacker's Drones. However, these are fixed in place and can be rotated only in a fixed radius.

Gameplay Description

Surveillance cameras, look like black, hemispherical camera modules often fixated on white stands accompanied by support poles when outside, and fixed to ceilings when inside. Most maps have these CCTV cameras both inside and outside the map's building, Tower and Presidential Plane being the only exceptions.

Upon activation, they give a black-and-white footage in real-time, with the ability to rotate the footage in a fixed radius. Similar to drones, they have the ability to mark hostiles, giving a red ping denoting location. The number of points awarded follows a similar pattern to that of drones.

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