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"Since its opening last year, the Calypso Hotel and Casino is the gambling casino of choice in the City of Las Vegas. The complex cost an estimated $4 billion to build and furnish, making it the most expensive casino ever built in the city."
— Loading Screen

Calypso Casino is the second mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas. The multiplayer version of the level is also called Calypso Casino.


Upon reaching Las Vegas, Logan Keller is taken outside of the terrorist-controlled Calypso Casino where he meets with his new team composed of Michael Walter and Jung Park. The team infiltrates the Calypso Casino, clearing out the terrorists and rescuing a group of hostages from being executed on camera. Once they clear out the Casino, they must rescue Dr. Phillip Smythe, a NATO weapons researcher. After a brief firefight, Rainbow successfully escorts Smythe out of the building where they meet FBI Agent Lynch in the nearby parking lot. Smythe informs them that another weapons researcher, Dr. Williams, has also been captured. Rainbow takes on the case.


The Strip[]

Calypso Casino[]

Casino Floor[]

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