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Vicente "Capitão" Souza is a REACT Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. He is unlocked at Development Milestone 17.


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Well-respected and dedicated, Capitão’s leadership qualities and calm demeanor are an asset to REACT as humanity faces the unknown. His extensive record in law enforcement and his mastery of a wide range of weapons make him a versatile and experienced Operator. Just a few adjustments to his TAC Mk0 bolts and Capitão is all set for incursions.

Gameplay Description[]

Tactical Crossbow.png

Tactical Crossbow


Level Image Name Description Cosmetic
1 Gadget REACT Crossbow.png TAC MK0 Crossbow Silently shoots bolts which detonate on impact. Can alternate between smoke screen and venom bolts. N/A
2 N/A Fast Action Swapping bolts and reloading are 30% faster. Headgear: HZ-Tarp
3 N/A Arsenal Update Gains access to the M249 light machine gun. N/A
4 N/A Speed IV Movement speed increased by 30%. N/A
5 N/A Resilient Survival Kills when downed replenish 5 downed health. Replenishing all downed health will self-revive. Uniform: HZ-Tarp
6 N/A Arsenal Update Gains access to the SPAS-15 shotgun. N/A
7 N/A Concentrated Compounds Bolt effect increased to 15 seconds. Venom damage increased. Uniform: Status Symbol
8 Gadget REACT Body Armour.png Armor III Incoming damage reduced by 20%. N/A
9 N/A Arsenal Update Gains access to the M12 sub machine gun. N/A
10 N/A Deeper Mags Bolt count increased to 4 for both types. Headgear: Status Symbol


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