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"I could say I'm relentless and deadly or I could let my actions speak instead."
— Capitão

Vicente "Capitão" Souza is a REACT Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. He is unlocked at Development Milestone 17.


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Well-respected and dedicated, Capitão’s leadership qualities and calm demeanor are an asset to REACT as humanity faces the unknown. His extensive record in law enforcement and his mastery of a wide range of weapons make him a versatile and experienced Operator. Just a few adjustments to his TAC Mk0 bolts and Capitão is all set for incursions.

Psychological Profile[]

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Assessing skills: Souza is a specialist in urban warfare and target extraction and is at his best when there are lives on the line. The Chimera threat will only make him more determined. (INSERT: E. Cohen - And dangerous.)

Speculating on operational experience: The respect the other Operators have for Souza runs both ways, This creates a sense of calm and confidence within the team. (INSERT: J. Porter - "If Cap trusts in what I'm doing, then I'm doing something right.")

Gameplay Description[]

  • M249 (Level 3)
    Light Machine Gun
  • SPAS-15 (Level 6)
  • M12 (Level 9)
    Submachine Gun
Gadget REACT Crossbow.png

Tactical Crossbow

A Light Armored Operator, Capitão's unique gadget is a Tactical Crossbow that can silently shoot Venom Bolts, which will detonate a toxic cloud to damage enemies within its cloud of effect, as well as Micro Smoke grenades, that can mask positions and team movements, as well as enable takedowns on tough Archaeans.

At Operater level 2, bolt swapping and reloading speed is increased by 30%. At Operator level 7, the bolts cloud effect is increased to 15 seconds and Venom damage is increased. Finally at level 10, the ammo count for both bolt types is increased to four.

  • Capitão's Tactical Crossbow features a Red Dot Sight unique to itself and is loaded with Venom Bolts by default. The user can switch to the alternate ammunition by pressing the firing mode key. Capitão will automatically load the alternate ammunition when one is depleted.
    • Capitão has two Venom Bolts and two Micro Smoke Grenades. Capitão reloads the Crossbow by racking its foregrip, meaning that reloading is much faster than switching ammunition types.
      • Each ammunition type is represented by different color containers. The Venom are a gray and green, and are automatically set as the ammo being used first. The Micro Smoke grenades are a gray and blue, and can be switched to.
    • The Crossbow fires nearly silently.
    • Any ammunition fired from the crossbow isn't affected by gravity at ranges less than 10 meters. Past 10 meters, the trajectory slowly drops due to gravity.
      • Each bolt when hitting a surface will immediately stop and drop to the floor, instead being broken where the ground is.
    • Crossbow bolts have no projectile size; they can pass through openings that are as small as a bullet hole.
    • The spread of the fire is blocked by objects; hiding behind a Deployable Shield can minimize or even prevent damage from a fire in front of the shield.
  • Micro Smoke Grenades create a smokescreen at the area of impact. They cover a much wider area than a regular Smoke Grenade being 5 meters in diameter. They also apply the Smoked status on Archaeans.
  • Venom Bolts does damage when fired at Sower mines.


Level Image Name Description Cosmetic
1 Tactical Crossbow.png TAC MK0 Crossbow Silently shoots bolts which detonate on impact. Can alternate between smoke screen and venom bolts. N/A
2 Tactical Crossbow.png Fast Action Swapping bolts and reloading are 30% faster. HZ-Tarp Headgear
3 Arsenal Update Gains access to the M249 light machine gun. N/A
4 Speed.png Speed IV Movement speed increased by 30%. N/A
5 Resilient Survival Kills when downed replenish 5 downed health. Replenishing all downed health will self-revive. HZ-Tarp Uniform
6 Arsenal Update Gains access to the SPAS-15 shotgun. N/A
7 Tactical Crossbow.png Concentrated Compounds Bolt effect increased to 15 seconds. Venom damage increased. Status Symbol Uniform
8 Armor III Incoming damage reduced by 20%. N/A
9 Arsenal Update Gains access to the M12 sub machine gun. N/A
10 Tactical Crossbow.png Deeper Mags Bolt count increased to 4 for both types. Status Symbol Headgear


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